Want to Transform Your Life?

From early childhood, we begin to shape our story around money. This story is weaved as a mix of
the experiences of people around us, through our own experiences, and general thoughts and
beliefs about money in our community and the world at large. This story is continued into our
adulthood and starts impacting the actual money energy inflow or outflow in our life.

What is your story of money?
What is your story of money? Are you confident that it is easily available to you, in abundance and
that there is enough for you to stay well off and financially secured? Or, you keep thinking about
how money never comes to you, your finances are always messed up and that you are meant to
always be short of money?

The most wonderful thing that most of us are not aware of is that this story of money is the actual
reason why we attract it or are incapable of doing so. So, the easiest way to change your financial
situation is to change your story of money energy. You must have heard that ‘everything in this
Universe is energy’. Just like your thoughts and emotions, money is also energy and it can be
attracted. By thinking positively about it and letting those positive words out in the Universe, you
can attract an abundance of money energy in your life.

How to attract money energy?
The first thing that you need to do to attract money energy is to let go of your negative perceptions
about it. Think hard! What is your excuse of not having money abundance? What stops it from
entering into your life? Many of us have various limiting beliefs about money-
 Money is evil.
 I am not born with a golden spoon so I will never be rich.
 I am not educated enough to earn more.
 Money can’t buy happiness.
 I can’t afford a lavish life.

The list can go on. You need to find your own limiting beliefs about money energy and overcome
them to stand in a space where you can start attracting it.

Once you are done with your negative beliefs, it is time to nurture positive ones. The easiest way to
do is to be in gratitude. Be grateful for all the bills that you are able to pay, food that you can buy,
clothes that you wear and being able to rent a house. Start with the smallest happiness that money
has bought for you. Appreciate the benefits that you gain from these materialistic things. And, as
you start thanking the Universe for these, you start feeling positive about the money abundance and
your ability to attract it.

Now, you know that you can attract money energy by feeling positive. How about feeling as if you
already have it in abundance? Look at all the things that you have already been able to buy for
yourself. Bask in its goodness. As you start thinking and believing of being surrounded by money
energy, your consciousness elevates and the Universe gives you more of what you believe in.

Be positive, feel being surrounded by money energy and manifest abundance.