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Co-Creating The Life Of Your Dreams

Co-Creating The Life Of Your Dreams
Peyush Bhatia, an expert Life Coach, Therapist and Healer brings you the opportunity to live a life of your dreams. Depression and relationship specialists, Peyush helps you get past your difficult times, build cherished relationships at your home and workplace and achieve unmatched success in every sphere.
A life of happiness and success awaits you. Grab your chance today!

One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Customized personal sessions that offer you a solution to every problem and helps you live a joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life. Beat stress, discover your true potential, soar up in your career, nurture beautiful relationships and manifest all your dreams and hopes.

Life of Joy: A one-year transformation journey
A one-year course that teaches you to be the master of your life and realize your own worth. Turn the tables, overcome all your fears and insecurities, and replace them with self-confidence, hope and sheer joy. From failures to success and heart-breaks to perfect relationships; get ready to travel within yourself and emerge as a true winner.

Life Coach Certification Program
A 15 months extensive program that trains and certifies you as a life coach, helping you to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. Learn various tools and techniques that will enable you to become an independent life coach and expect steady, long-term back-end support from our team in case of any queries.