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In the following article we will be discussing about Depression and Anxiety in men, women and children. We will also be discussing about counselling for depression and anxiety in Delhi and Gurgaon:


Depression is a common, but serious, condition. It often causes people to feel empty or sad for long periods of time. It can also affect one’s physical health and thinking patterns. In some of the cases, depression can also lead people to consider suicide.
Most people have their first bout of depression in their early twenties or late teens.
Symptoms or signs of depression can differ from person to person. Someone’s gender, age or culture may change how they experience depression. Still most forms of depression include the following common symptoms:

  • Frequent bouts of sadness and crying
  • Feeling worthless or hopeless
  • Getting too little or too much sleep
  • Anxiety or unease
  • Anger
  • Difficulty enjoying activities which once he/she used to like
  • Unexplained physical ailments such as muscle pain or headaches
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Changes in eating habits or weight
  • Suicide thoughts



Depression Anxiety, Peyush Bhatia
Depression is detected more often in women than in men. Some researchers guess the reason is that men are less likely to seek treatment. Some men believe that talking about their feelings would make them look “unmanly” or “weak,” thus they avoid therapy. Researchers are also convinced or they believe that men are diagnosed less because their symptoms look different.
Men diagnosed with depression are more likely to show anger than sadness. They tend to have more fatigue symptoms and sleep difficulties than women. They often cope through escapist behaviors like sexual affairs or binge drinking.
Women diagnosed with depression are more likely to attempt suicide. They are also more likely to experience particular forms of depression like premenstrual dysphoria (PMDD). PMDD or premenstrual dysphoria is when someone experiences severe depression symptoms before their period. Once the period begins, the symptoms improve. The symptoms may even disappear for the rest of the menstrual cycle.


Around 2% of children ages 6-12 have been diagnosed with depression. For teenagers, that rate jumps to around 7%. Estimates say approximately 60% of youth with depression are not getting treatment. In some cases children may inherit abnormalities in brain chemistry from their parents. Such abnormalities could make the kids more likely to share their parents’ depression. If an adult’s depression affects their parenting, the child may learn certain attitudes and behaviors. They may develop or grow depression as a response to stress.

We already discussed above what is depression, and depression in men, women and children. So now in the following article we will be discussing about depression and Anxiety Counselling in Delhi and Gurgaon:


There are a lot of benefits of depression counseling. But before determining whether or not you particularly will benefit from depression counseling, it is important to first note that it is common to feel depressed, sad, or lonely at different points in your life. These are common reactions or typical emotions to tough or hard times in life. Hence, those who receive the greatest benefit from depression counseling usually suffer from symptoms of depression for weeks or months at a time and/or are experiencing symptoms that impact their ability to effectively or successfully handle day-to-day activities and tasks.
At our Delhi and Gurgaon firm, we define or refer to counselling as a type of talk therapy that lets a person talk about their problems and feelings in a private and safe environment. By talking through ones problems, can an individual better understand him/herself and, with guidance, he/she is often able to make changes that improve his/her daily lives.

A depression counsellor is a professional trained to listen with expertise and empathy. Our Delhi and Gurgaon firm’s counsellors can help you deal with any negative feelings and thoughts and/or provide objective guidance towards your personal growth.

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