My work-life imbalance had started reflecting in my relationship with wife & kids when someone referred Peyush to me. Thanks to her, I have learnt to balance both aspects of my life without compromising on either.


Peyush is magical. I met her when my falling mental health forced me into aggressive medication- 12 tablets a day. In no time, it is down to 2 which shall also be weaned off in few months. What more could I ask for J


I am so thankful to Peyush for a wonderful relationship that I share with my mother-in-law today. I had thought it to be barely possible sometime ago when it was at its worst and was severely affecting my relationship with my husband and my health too. You really...


My de-addiction from Alcohol is solely credited to the marvellous Peyush Bhatia. I could have not done this without her constant support and effective tools. Hats off to you!


My life was in a total mess, filled with loads of mental, physical & emotional abuse. Had it not been for Peyush, I would never find the courage to lift myself and take control of my life. Thank you for standing by me rock solid like a guiding star.