My PHD in Quantum physics n Metaphysics from Prowesss University Delaware USA

India’s Real Hero Award Season 2.

Featured in Asian week ‘Kenya’.

Book Launch & Graduation Ceremony

Powerful session for ladies of Mahila Mangal

Life of Joy Retreat In Nainital

Journey Within Retreat In Agra


Life of Joy Retreat 2019

Leadership program for Rotary

Received International Icon Award for the Best Life Coach 2019

Best Life Coach Award

Manifestation Workshop On November 4th 2017

Workshop On Beliefs At Arya Kanya Sadan 24 Oct 2017

Workshop On Manifestation 3rd September 2017

Workshop On Changing Beliefs

Workshop On Happiness


Workshop In Kalburgi Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Workshop In Bharti Cement Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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