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Young Adult program : Gift your child a joyful life!

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Empower them to navigate through life’s challenges and rise up to their full potential.
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Program Details

  • Age Group: 10- 16 years
  • Duration – 6 months
  • 2 classes every month
  • One-to one coaching sessions
  • 1 soulful retreat
  • 1 free session for parents

Mission : To provide a safe and supportive environment to young adults so that they can overcome their negative emotions. To enable them move in the right direction to uncover their true strength and live a fulfilled life.

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Grow, Peyush Bhatia

Growing up can be wonderful. And demanding too!

Look around! The world has changed so drastically in the last 30 years. We have gained so much and lost so much.

We have gained better facilities, advanced technology, social media and easy-to-access knowledge banks. We have lost joint families, a robust support system, lifelong friendships, frequent get-togethers, face-to-face meetings, honesty, fidelity, trust, morality, safety…..

To make things worse the young adults are also dealing with a sudden surge of hormones causing physical and physiological changes. With so many changes and challenges happening within and around them, they are left overwhelmed and confused.


Our children are just the opposite of what we want them to be!

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Help your children rise and become a wonderful, amazing, sensitive person & go-getter.

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The challenges

With a weak support system, increasing divorce rates, addiction to technology and their own hormones going against then, our young adults are facing innumerable challenges. They are feeling lost, frustrated and off-track. They have no idea of what’s happening to them. And they are unable to communicate and express this feeling.

The resultant stress and anxiety is leading to grave challenges including low self-esteem, lack of motivation, peer pressure, substance abuse, alcoholism, falling morality, irresponsible behaviour and various psychometric diseases like headache, stomach ache & depression. The average age of children becoming sexually active is decreasing each passing year and their addiction to screen is going up. Their health- emotional, mental and physical- is constantly dipping. As parents, communicating with them and guiding them is becoming the greatest challenge of all.

The whole situation can be turned around by offering the right support at the right time. Gift your children the ability to elevate their emotional intelligence and build strength to cope up with the changes. Lead them towards a bright and happy future.

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How will the program empower your child?

The powerful program is designed to look after complete well-being and strength development of your child. The ultimate goal is to help them understand the powerhouse that they are and channelize their energy to build a great and successful life.

Here is what your child can expect-

  • Share amazing relationships with parents, friends & peers
  • Goal setting & implementation for desired academic & professional results
  • Understanding & navigating though physical & physiological changes
  • Going within to build confidence & tap into strengths
  • Becoming fearless
  • Handling & managing stress, fear, guilt, shame & other emotions
  • Moving ahead in life with unmatched force
  • Healing deep-rooted traumas & fears
  • Identifying barriers & fixing them
  • Discussing difficult subjects in an impartial environment
  • Learning meditation & chakra balancing

Gift your young adult unlimited courage, hope, dreams, happiness and a life that they truly deserve.
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