Become a master manifester. Achieve your deepest desires.

Take complete control of your life.

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Join this webinar if you are-

  • Stuck in your life
  • Struggling with money matters
  • Chasing abundance
  • Dealing with stress & anxieties
  • Struggling with past traumas, childhood abuse, or social conditioning
  • Stuck in a toxic relationship
  • Facing mental, emotional & physical health challenges
  • Wish to build incredible relationships
  • Want to break your barriers & rise to your potential
  • Attract money, abundance, health, fame, happiness & relationships

Webinar Date:



Hosted by: Dr. Peyush Bhatia
(Manifestation Expert, Life Coach & Therapist)

Take this first step towards

manifesting your dreams.

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Don’t allow your past to hold you back. Change your energy & transform your life.

Take this first step towards

manifesting your dreams.

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What is this manifestation webinar about?

The webinar aims to help you raise your energy and vibrations to tap into infinite abundance, attract money, enjoy good health and create meaningful bonds. It is a 3 hours webinar conducted by an experienced Manifestation and Life coach.

How can I attend the webinar?

Link for the upcoming webinar shall be mailed and sent to you on WhatsApp once you register for it by clicking [Link].

I haven’t received any confirmation for the payment. Where can I check?

Please check the spam and other folders for our mail.
We have also sent a confirmation for the payment on your WhatsApp number. Kindly check the same.
In case of any further enquiry, please call ________ or mail us at _________

Do I need any qualification/ prior experience to attend this program?

No. This webinar is for anyone who is willing to take charge of their life and manifest their desires.

How should I prepare for it?
  • Attend it from a quiet, distraction-free place
  • Keep your mobile phone on silent mode
  • Be attentive, receptive and responsive
Can I login through my mobile?

Yes, you can login through your mobile as well as your laptop. However, we request you to use your headphones for an immersive learning experience.