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Professional Life Coach, Peyush Bhatia

Professional Life Coach


Peyush Bhatia is a professional life coach who provides leadership coaching and helps you to achieve all your professional goals with much faster way.

Coaching is a relationship between two people, where they exchange the information for any purpose. Professionals in this field often try to help people to plan their goals. In simple words, a life coach offers advice and guidance to deal with change that will put them on a path to success.

Life coaching is a profession that can be used to help people who are in major transition phases in their lives.

Who hires a Life Coach and why?

Hires A Life Coach, Peyush Bhatia

“What you seek is seeking you.”

There might be a number of reasons why a person might seek the assistance of a professional life coach. For instance, they might be stuck in their lives and looking for a way to move forward in life. “People hire a life coach because They want more”. They want to grow.

They want it easier.

Others, however, seek the guidance of life coaches for help at different turning points in their lives, such as:

  • Selecting a college
  • Starting a new career
  • Advancing a career
  • Dealing with divorce
  • Planning for a home
  • Reorganizing financial goals

How to choose the right Life Coach for you?

How To Choose The Right Life Coach For You, Peyush Bhatia

So, how to find the terrific life coach who is just right for you? When shopping for a coach, there are few key things to look for:

1. Find a specializes

Peoples hire a life coach when something in their life is not going well. It could be that life having no meaning and purpose, career path is going in the wrong direction. Whatever the reason is, you want to find a life coach that specializes in the thing that you are looking for improves.

2. Certification

At present, Life coaching industry is new and less established. As a result, anybody can call themselves a life coach even though they may have no training. Therefore you should go for a life coach with adequate training.

3. Choose a life coach that “gets you”

Choosing a life coach may be a personal matter. You are seeking help to improve the most important parts of your life. It’s not like buying a new pair of shoes or clothes. Make sure, when you choose a life coach, you want to look beyond the surface impression. Choose the life coach that:

  • can relate to your situation,
  • knows what your goals are,
  • shares same values as you, and
  • Boost your confidence that they can assist you in moving forward.

4. Choose a local coach if possible

Finding a local life coach and meeting with them in person can definitely assist you to establish trust and rapport. But it’s not absolutely necessary.

Most of the people look for a life coach the same way they would look for a doctor, driver, or massage therapist, all of which are services that require in-person meetings.

Life coaching is different because it’s a conversation-based service that doesn’t require the physical involvement of the life coach.

No life coach will look at your teeth, check your blood pressure, or loosen up the knots in your shoulders.

In this digital world, around 60% of life coaching is done on the phone or video chat. Some life coaches even work on the phone with local clients because it’s more convenient for both parties.

5. Choose a life coach that fits your budget

Hiring a life coach is an investment for which you cannot break the bank either.

Choose the life coach that offers le reasonable fees that are within your budget.

Make sure you bargain about rates as well as how long the coaching engagement will be.

What are the benefits of hiring a Life Coach?

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Life Coach , Peyush Bhatia

“Life Coaching is your OPPORTUNITY to take your life from good to GREAT”!

There are various benefits of hiring or becoming the life coach.

  • People start taking more effective and focused actions immediately
  • People stop putting up with petty anger
  • People create momentum so it’s easier to get results
  • Set better goals that are based on what you really want
  • You have more time and energy
  • As a professional life coach, you will be getting more chance to explore people and new things.
  • Life is about giving to others, and as a coach, you will always be serving your clients to become the best type of themselves.

Qualities of a Successful Coach

Qualities Of A Successful Coach, Peyush Bhatia

    Generously with curiosity
  2. BUILD
    Rapport with the client
  3. ASK
    Great Questions
  5. APPLY
    Coaching Models that work
  6. DON’T
    Make it about them.
    It’s all about the client

As a life coach, you can coach clients, but without any essentials skills, the battle to succeed will be quite tough. The good news is that this is something you can learn or hire others to do.

You must have multiple product and service offerings for your clients to increase your income. In all, future of Professional life coach is very bright and successful.

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