Self Confidence

Self-confidence is about your own perception about yourself. It is the belief that you carry within yourself, an assurance of your abilities. The problem begins when you become critical about self. When you think that ‘I am no good and everyone else is better.” Such negative thoughts dampen self-esteem. For instance, you may think that your friends are better in studies and you are not. Or that your brother earns more than you while you cannot make it there.
These feelings of low self-confidence are often accompanied by a lasting grief, guilt, shame, resentment, anger, anxiety, etc. It can be extremely intoxicating, can cause trouble in your relationships and slow-down your progress. But, with proper counselling and adequate handholding, you can soon overcome it.
We help you regain your lost confidence and feel positive again. Discover the best in you. Improve your self-worth in no time. Reap the benefits of fruitful, well-researched methods and years of counselling expertise. Contact today!

Signs of low self-confidence

  • An overwhelming feel of worthlessness and shame
  • Difficulty in interacting, often avoid social gatherings
  • Unable to share emotions and thoughts with others
  • Unable to enjoy things that were earlier enjoyable
  • Need assurance from others to feel secured
  • Worsening relationships and careers
  • Blaming self for how others behave

  • Course Offerings

  • Find what is dampening your self-confidence
  • Discover easy ways to strengthen your belief in yourself and your abilities
  • Regain your self-esteem and uplift your mood
  • Interact with people with higher confidence
  • Develop new relationships and nurture them in a better manner
  • Get closer to your career goals and aspirations