Signs from the Universe that tell you that you are never alone

Are you tired walking the path of life just by yourself?
Does it feel frustrating to have no one to guide you?
Are you uncertain about which road to take, secretly hoping for a sign?
Know that you are not alone. Never!
The Universe is always with you. You are connected to the ultimate source, your angels and guide at every step of your journey. They are always looking upon you, showing you the way. They constantly remind you of their presence through a multitude of signs. All you really need to do is look for them.
How can you look for signs?
Slow down and start noticing. Be in the moment. Stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t just dismiss the random and subtle things that happen in your life. Try interpreting them with curiosity. These signs will be indirect and appear when you are least expecting them. Believing that they exist and keeping an open mind is the key to find them.
Once you know where to look for these signs, all your confusions will melt away. You will get aligned with the Universe and connected to the source. You will no longer feel alone.
Signs telling you that you are never alone
Though the signs are countless and all cannot be listed down at one place, I will try to share those that most people encounter in their daily lives but often miss to notice.
Synchronicity is like magic. It is a chain of co-incidents that seem related but have no connection to each other. For instance you thought of someone and he bumped into you on the road a few minutes later or you hear the same song everywhere you go. This is Universe’s way of telling you that things are way bigger and deeper than you think and everything that happens in your life is being planned by the divine source. Synchronicity is particularly helpful when you want an answer to something and it shows up in your life through these random but recurring signs.

Did you notice the time? Were they the same digits on your neighbour’s car? Did you just walk-in to a house that had the same flat number? Or does it coincide with your date of birth?
Seeing the same number or a similar pattern is a sure-shot sign from the Universe. Every such sequence has a distinct meaning. Universe is trying to give you a sign. You just need to interpret them. To know about what these numbers mean, connect with me at [email protected].

Our angels are limited by their ethereal nature. So they deliver us the message through someone who can connect with us more easily- people.
Confused about whether you should invest your money or spend it on a vacation? A text message with investment tips can be your sign to invest. Similarly a random call from an old friend or a piece of advice from a colleague can be signs from the Universe, helping you to make the correct decisions.

Has this happened with you- driving alone on a highway you were feeling very low and hopeless when you suddenly saw a board which said –‘don’t worry, this too shall pass!’ Wasn’t this the positive sign that you were looking for?
Start noticing the written signals that you get when reading an article, through an instagram post, a billboard, newspaper or other such things.

Dreams are Universe’s medium for passing messages to you. Notice if you keep seeing a dream again and again or if someone or a past moment keeps repeating itself in your dreams.
What does it mean? Were these people trying to tell you something? Was there something in your past that you need to settle now? Is it telling you to aspire high or not go in a particular direction else you will fail? Interpreting your dreams and reading between the lines will help you to find your answers to a lot of challenges in life.
Gut feeling
We all know what a gut feeling is – when a voice deep inside is telling you to do or not do a certain thing, even if it may seem completely illogical at that point. For instance you get a million dollar opportunity, something you have been waiting for all your life but your gut tells you to refuse it.
Your gut feeling is a way in which the Universe talks to you and helps you make the right decisions. Don’t resist. Don’t rationalise. Just try listening to it.

Other signals like songs, random thoughts, symbols from nature, physical symptoms, detours, etc also serve as signals guiding you in your path. To find your signal and take your life in the right direction, contact life coach Peyush Bhatia at ___________