If you were asked to walk up to the shop near you, which path would you take? Would you go on the narrow and crowded path or would you walk down the straight and easy one?

To choose ease would be your natural choice.

This is explained by law of least effort. The law says that nature’s intelligence always chooses the path of least action or no resistance. Which means that everything in this Universe has been designed to function effortlessly and with absolute ease.

Be it the trees that grow effortlessly or the winds that blow. A bud blooms into a flower and a fruit ripes at ease. The birds and animals never sleep hungry. A cell multiplies into many to form an egg and then into a living being without thinking twice. The Sun rises and sets every day. Everything in our world is carefree and in complete harmony.

Ease is our very nature of being. And to get back to it and uncomplicated our lives is as simple as complicating it in the first place. We too can stop dwelling on our past hurts, thrive in our relationships and blossom just as God had intended for us. It is easier than we think. All we need to do is follow some of the basic principles of the Universe.

Here are a few practices that can help you to live at ease-

Accept your circumstances

Have you ever seen a river flowing through the countless rocks and hurdles? It does not treat them as barriers. Nor does it try to jump over them. It just finds its way around them. Just like the river, learning to go with the flow is the mantra to live a carefree and joyful life. Acceptance of your current circumstances puts you in flow with the things around you. It helps you to operate from a positive place and stops you from whining about things that you do not like.

Accept your feelings, mood, situations, relationships and all that is inside and outside of you. You might not like it but the key is to do this without letting its negativity engulf you.

Acceptance puts you at a spot of no resistance. It says “Accept life as it comes, with all its good and bad, and keep doing what you need to do to achieve your aspirations.” It gives you the power to deal with the difficult times and strive for good ones.

Take complete responsibility

While acceptance keeps you positive, it certainly does not mean that you stop taking responsibility for your life and stop pursuing your dreams. Most of all, you are responsible for everything in your life. The path you choose, the actions you take and the goals you pursue is all your doing. So, steer yourself in a direction of your liking and know that you have the power to change your destiny.

Trust the process

Trusting that everything is happening for a reason and that it is for your ultimate good is the last thing you need to practice to be at ease. This can be the most difficult step of all in your path to least effort, especially when things might seem to go wrong. It is during times like these that you need to keep the faith burning. Just because it is taking time does not mean that you are not on the right track.

Slowly, you will see that the Universe is actually working for you. As you surrender to the ultimate power, things will ultimately begin to fall in place.