Comfort zone, as the name suggests makes you feel at ease. It is a space in your mind where you feel safe and secured. In comfort zone, you are in control of your environment as you know what to expect and how to respond to the people and situations around you.

Comfort zone thus makes decision-making seem like a cake-walk and keeps you away from uncertainties. This is the reason why most people like to stick there. Resultantly, they stagnate or walk on self-destructive paths just for the fear of exploring the new.  Some examples of this are-

  • Sticking to the same job despite lack of growth
  • Staying in an abusive relationship for the fear of unknown
  • Not exploring new skills or travelling to new places
  • Limiting your potential to avoid a change in routine

Beyond the comfort zone

Growth is the primary need of every human being. To survive, we need to grow. And, to grow, we need to break the self-limiting patterns, jump into life’s uncertainties and explore new paths.


Because walking the same path everyday will take you to the same destination.  You will have to come out of your comfort zone to reach a new destination.

As you go beyond your comfort zone and push your boundaries, your brain breaks the habit loop to create new neural pathways that will help you to solve new challenges and make new decisions. It will help your brain to evolve, grow and adapt more readily to new situations. In the process, it will improve your problem-solving abilities; make you more innovative, productive, a better leader and smart thinker. This will accelerate your growth and help you to achieve all that you ever desired.

5 tips to push beyond your comfort zone

It is not going to be easy. But, it will certainly be worth it. Will small and regular steps as mentioned in the following tips, you will definitely reach there.

  • Accept your emotions


Leaving your comfort zone will make you feel uncertain, stressed and anxious. Feeling these emotions are natural. Do not try to hide away from them or suppress them. Instead, acknowledge them, accept them and let them pass. You will be surprised by how soon you manage to move past them.


  • Nurture a growth mindset

If you are not growing, you are dying. You must grow, learn new skills, improve as a human and explore new possibilities to survive. Having a growth mindset enhances your hunger for new possibilities and helps you to push yourself outside your comfort zone.


  • Break limiting patterns


Are you scared of talking to strangers or are you comfortable sitting in the same corner of the restaurant every time you visit it. Try breaking this pattern. Strike up a conversation with your co-traveller or a new-joinee. Take up a seat at the noisiest place in the restaurant instead of that quite corner of yours. You never know if you might discover a new aspect to yourself.


  • Try a new approach


Try to solve the same problem with a new approach or make the same vegetable through a new recipe. Do this consciously and make it a habit. Experimenting and innovation helps you to find alternate ways to resolve the problem and create new neural pathways in the brain that are a must for growth.


  • Let go of your control

The comfort of doing everything on your own to achieve perfection can be a big hindrance to your growth. Try to let go of the control, one step at a time. Start with delegating small responsibilities to your employees/spouse/kids, hire someone for assistance or let someone else take a lead on the project while you just sit back and observe.


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