“With a life coach, you can easily bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.”
Do you know what Leonardo Di Caprio, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Justin Bieber, Bill Gates, Hugh Jackman and many other celebrities have in common? They have all worked and been empowered by top life coaches.

Like them, there are so many others who vouch for the importance of having a life coach in their lives.
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As per a study conducted by the International Coaching Federation on the effectiveness of life coaching, 99% rate their experience with a life coach as truly rewarding. Of these 96% said that they would go for it again, 80% reported higher self-confidence and 65% registered an improved performance at work.
What did they find so fascinating about working with a life & executive coach? Let us look at some of their reasons.

Why should you work with a life coach?

We all need someone who can stand by us and listen to our inner story in a non-judgemental way. Someone who can hold us to account and help us become the person we want to be; someone who can push us towards our goals on our most difficult days; someone who can create a safe place where we can speak our heart out without the fear of consequences. A certified life coach can do all this and more.

Here are 5 key reasons why working with a life coach must for everyone.

Identify your life’s purpose-
What is the purpose of your life? What have you set out to achieve?
If you fail to answer these questions, it is a good enough reason to meet a life coach. A personal lifestyle coach can help you identify the big goal of your life. He can help you break through all the noises and clutter to understand what really makes you happy and attain a clear vision of what is worth spending your time and energy on.

A safe non-judgemental space-
A life coach holds a safe place for you to explore yourself and confront your emotions without the fear of judgement. They don’t jump into solving your problems by themselves. Instead, they walk beside you, just like a friend, and give you an outside perspective to your life. So that you can see it in a different light and can navigate through it much better.

Scale up your possibilities-
We get so caught up in our everyday live and its struggles that we slowly begin to give up on our aspirations and long-term goals. We settle in for the ordinary and get confined to our comfort zone. A certified life coach helps us to break this pattern and see what we are truly capable of, thus pushing us to stretch our boundaries, dream and achieve once again.

Let go off limited beliefs & thoughts-
Most of us are stuck in an endless loop of limited beliefs & thoughts. Something always keeps holding us back – a childhood conditioning, past hurt, negative experience, broken relationship. A life coach helps us let go off our past and overcome these beliefs. They help us to move forward in life to create fresh and positive patterns and experiences.

Attract goodness & abundance-
You can take your life from complete mess to complete harmony with the help of a life coach. Whether you are suffering from a troublesome relationship, facing career problems, having health issues, struggling with finances; lacking love & friendship; or dealing with stress & anxieties- a life coach can turn around all this for you to help you live a life of love & abundance.

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