Are you expecting too much in a relationship? Or feeling burdened by too many expectations? While relationships are mostly fun and fulfilling, they can also be extremely complex and difficult to navigate. And when we say relationships we don’t just mean a relationship with your spouse or boyfriend. It can also be your equation with your colleague, friend, child, relative or sibling. In this post, we shall explore many ways to create and maintain a strong, compassionate, happy and peaceful bond with your loved one.

  1. Take responsibility for your feelings

 What happens when you are in a bad mood and your favourite restaurant serves you your much-loved dish? You are most likely going to find a fault in it. The same also applies to your relationships. When you are unhappy you are bound to find fault in the other person. You blame him and want him to fix things while the root-cause of the problem is your own unhappiness. That poor guy doesn’t even know what to do and you are not willing to do anything about it.

Next time when you feel like blaming someone for your feelings, stop. Take a deep breath and take responsibility for how you feel. See if the problem has something to do with you. Go deep. That will not just solve the problem but also save your relationship.

  1. Don’t act on strong emotions

How often have you reacted to your anger only to regret it later? Or let that pang of jealousy take the better of you before wishing that you could go back in time? In most cases, the initial response to a strong emotion like anger, fear, hatred, etc is not the best one. Therefore, it’s best to let that emotion pass through you- nor push it away neither react. Just absorb how it is making you feel and then respond. Doing this will help you to minimize its negative impact on your relationship and maintain an open channel of communication rather than shutting the other person down.

  1. Do things that are important for you

I find solace in calm mornings. My day starts with sitting quietly with my coffee, gazing out my window. I feel unsettled for the entire day if I have to give up this routine, even for someone whom I love deeply.

Just as I have my own unique needs, everyone else has theirs too. For some, it may be spending time alone, going for a morning stroll, or enjoying a heart-to-heart with a close friend. Regardless of what it is, it’s essential to honor them as they are the source of our happiness, tranquility, and fulfillment. After all, only when we are complete can we create healthy, fulfilling relationships.

  1. Present your point with compassion

It is human instinct to prove yourself right. Therefore, when you try to prove yourself right in an argument, it pushes the other person to prove their point harder, leading to a tougher fight and worsened relationship.

The right approach is to confront with compassion and make the other person feel heard and understood. When you do this, you also increase your chance of being heard and understood. Acting with compassion gives you an opportunity to express yourself and arrive to a middle point more easily.

  1. Trust people and their intentions

Have you ever thought that your partner didn’t attend the family dinner just to spite you? Or that your friend intentionally didn’t invite you to their birthday celebration to hurt your feelings?

It’s easy to blame your loved ones and doubt their intentions when we are hurt. But it’s crucial to give them the benefit of doubt. Chances are that they mean well but are too caught up in their lives/problems to notice that you have been hurt. Most likely, they will realize their mistake and apologize later. To maintain a healthy relationship, it’s important that you see the best in people you love.

  1. Be vulnerable

People are scared of being vulnerable in a relationship. They are scared that the other person would find their weak spot and judge them based on it. This prevents them from owning their mistakes, expressing their grief, sharing their past or being their imperfect self.

But true love is about letting be. It is about accepting people with all their imperfections and making them feel safe without the fear of judgement. Be vulnerable and let others be the same.

Which of these are you going to apply for a happy and loving relationship? Do voice your concerns and opinions at 9205658544