We are approaching the World Health Day, a day when the world’s single-most focus is on ensuring the health of people and the planet. Let us make it count by discussing Holistic Wellbeing, an approach that helps you to live a happy and healthy life by considering all aspects of well-being.

About holistic wellness
The concept of wellness is not just limited to the physical body but runs much deeper. It involves looking at health from a holistic perspective which includes the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
We are made up of many interconnected parts and if any of these parts begin to dysfunction, it manifests into illness. Relying only on medication cannot be fruitful in curing such diseases and we may need to follow a more holistic approach in which attention is also paid on our mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being.
Enabling holistic wellness demands us to go within and introspect ourselves at every level of our being to implement desired changes, lifestyle or otherwise, and prevent and heal illnesses.
Examples of the interconnectedness of all elements can also be found in many studies-
 As per a study, increase in stress levels can reduce the white blood cell activity in our body which slows down healing and reduces vaccine effectiveness
 Mind-body connection is further established by case-studies establishing the link between talk therapy (to address high stress levels) with the subject’s ability to heal and fight diseases Enabling holistic wellness We already know that wellness comprises of many elements. Now, let us talk about ways to boost wellness across all these levels.
Physical well-being Your exercise schedule, daily diet and levels of stress decide your physical health. Taking care of these aspects will go a long way in keeping your body fit.
 Exercise regime – Daily exercise is a must to ensure good cardiovascular health, maintain strength and flexibility in addition to enabling weight control, controlling mood, regulating sleep and blood sugar, and improving cognitive abilities. Besides dedicating some time of the day for routine exercises, you can also choose to climb the stairs, walk to nearby places and keep moving while speaking over the phone.
 Daily diet – Consume a healthy mix of fruit, vegetables, rice, grains, pulses and legumes as part of your daily diet. Do ensure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and avoid junk food on most occasions.

 Bust the stress – Indulge in daily meditation and breathing exercises and try to indulge in work that you love to do to keep your stress levels at bay.
Cognitive well-being Realization of personal and professional goals relies on your learning and development capabilities, which is further dependent on your intellectual and cognitive well-being. Unless for our intellectual
health, we shall face barriers in processing complex concepts. This will hinder growth and lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Cognitive well-being is thus a cornerstone for our overall well- being.
Emotional well-being
Emotional health forms the basis of our ability to cope with stress and adversity and is one of the pillars for achieving holistic wellness. Emotional health and resilience comes from within and is defined by your perspective about yourself and life overall. It is a sum of your childhood conditioning, your thoughts, belief system and subconscious patterns. Going within and identifying these are thus essential to promote emotional health, a task best done with support from an
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Spiritual well-being
We all are spiritual beings in a physical world. Spirituality helps us to understand who we are and our purpose in life. It helps us to connect with nature, communities and the Universe and creates awareness about our position in the entire scheme of things. Spiritual wellness brings in a sense of interconnectedness and leaves us feeling unqiue, peaceful and happier. Achieve holistic wellness with a therapist
With multiple aspects attached to it, achieving holistic wellness may seem like a road uphill. Seasoned therapist like us can help you with this by identifying the areas where you need help, setting goals, monitoring progress and handholding you though the way with efficient tools and
personal experience.
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