Are You living your life from the Past?

Are you afraid of trusting people just because someone broke your trust in the past? Is it difficult for you to start a new relationship as something went sore with your previous one? Or you are nervous of taking up a new task because you can’t get through the guilt of messing up before? Are you angry at life in general or unable to cope up with a feeling of unforgiving sadness?
If the answer to any of these is a ‘yes’ chances are that you are still stuck up in the past?
Living from the past is just like driving your car by looking at the rear-view mirror. Imagine, what will happen if instead of looking in front, you look behind while driving your car? The answer is obvious. The accident can be the only outcome.
Then is it really worth it to keep living our lives just looking at our past? To never let go off the fear, guilt, remorse or anger that we might have gathered on some occasion? And to keep sulking about the moments that are bygone? Those that we cannot control nor change? Many of us do this – consciously or subconsciously. And, in the event, we forget to enjoy our today. We miss the good things that are happening around us now. We let go of the opportunities that are waiting to be embraced; the relationships that can give us happiness and the simple things in life that can bring abundance and peace.

So, What should We do? 

Look Forward, Peyush Bhatia

Remember the story of the king and spider? The spider that kept trying and trying again until it completed its web and could climb the wall and how it inspired the king to try again and win the lost battle. What did they both do? They simply let go off their past defeats and looked forward. That is exactly what each of us should do. Just drop the heavy baggage of past complaints, guilt, fear, losses, defeats, anger, resentment and form a new outlook towards life and people. Once you do this, life will be much simpler and much more beautiful.
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Let go of the past. Look forward. See how beautiful life is a

Footer, Peyush Bhatia