How To Attract Money And Abundance On This Diwali


Diwali is here! And while all of us are rejoicing with our families, the most important event of the day is to seek blessings for wealth & prosperity from Ma Lakshmi. Many of us have been doing this for years. Still waiting for our chance to have an abundance of wealth. While there are a few others who never seem to run out of money.

Why is it that Goddess Lakshmi blesses some while the rest await their fortune? Why do the rich become richer and the poor become poorer? Why this bias towards her devotees? What can we do to turn her attention towards us? How to attract an abundance of money in our lives?

Goddess Lakshmi: A Form Of Energy

Before we decode the secret to attract Goddess Lakshmi, it is important that we decide who is she. Though we have assigned her a certain form, she is just a pure form of energy. The energy of abundance. Just like any other energy that we know of- atomic energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, sound energy – Lakshmiji is energy.

So, there is a particular way to attract this energy towards you. A rulebook to be understood and followed. We will tell you the rules and you stick to them.

Attract Money With The Law Of Attraction

Ma Lakshmi or the energy of abundance follows the universal law of attraction. The more you focus on it, the more it will be attracted to you. The more you retain it & spend it wisely, the more it will stick with you. If you wish to increase it, pay attention to it. Nurture it well and you will experience wealth and abundance to your heart’s content.


The Rulebook To Attract Goddess Lakshmi & Retain It

Respect Money 

Would you like to live with someone who does not respect you? Respect your money. Don’t splurge it on things that you don’t want.

Transfer It To Its Rightful Owner

Whenever you spend money or transfer it to someone, make sure that he is its next legitimate owner. Bargain well and tender the exact change as required. Verify the demand and ensure that the person who is seeking money is every bit worth it.

Pay Your Liabilities On-Time

The moment a rightful owner of the wealth makes a demand, do not hesitate to fulfil it. It can be your utility bills, servant, supplier, vendors, employee or anyone else. Make their payments on time.

First-In, First-Out 

Follow the first-in, first-out method with your currency notes. Let the last received currency notes sit in your wallet for the longest time possible. Doing this will make Mother Lakshmi feel important and revered. This will attract her to you.For this, Relationship counseling in Gurgaon is providing the best services.

A Safe & Secured Haven 

Help Goddess Lakshmi feel safe & secured in your custody. She will be scared to stay with you unless she feels protected. Always keep your wealth inside locked doors, securely guarded by you.

Create A Positive Atmosphere 

Would you like to walk into a house filled with negativity? The same goes for Lakshmiji. She gets attracted to a home filled with love, laughter & positivity. Create a welcoming atmosphere for her to enter your home & stick to you.

Money attracts money. An abundance of energy pulls a similar kind of energy towards itself. These tips will ensure that you have enough of it coming your way this Diwali & always.

Happy Deepavali!

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