Awareness: The Cornerstone To Your Success And Happiness

Have you seen a child noticing everything that surrounds him? Absorbing and experiencing every sound, sight, smell, thought and emotion that passes through? Be it the honking of a car or the chirping of a bird; how the sky turns into hues of crimson each day during sunset; the squirrels pacing up and down the tree a thousand times over; or the smell of exotic food being prepared in the neighbourhood. It is impossible for the children to miss any of these. But how often do we, as adults, notice these things? 

This is simply because children are in a constant state of awareness while we are not. Being aware is one of the biggest things that makes them so wonderful and aids their development. And its absence is the single most thing that stops us from progressing in our lives and achieving our dreams. 

As we grew up, somewhere between our childhood and adolescence, most of us have become less conscious about our thoughts, emotions, actions and sensations. Unless we know where we stand today and can identify what is lacking, it is impossible to trigger a change. So, for anyone who constantly complains about the monotony in life and how it refuses to change, it is important that you understand the importance of being aware. Only awareness can bring the change. For this, Relationship counselling in Delhi are given their best services.


How Can Being Aware Change Your Life


If you want to change your life, the first important step is to be aware of what is currently happening in your life. Ask yourself these questions-

  • What are you feeling and why? 
  • Are you happy and content with your current circumstances?
  • Do you think that someone else is controlling your life? What happened in your past that makes you think so?
  • What do you really want? What is your goal?
  • What triggers you to behave or act in a certain manner?
  • What are the patterns that recur constantly in your life?

Once you are aware of your emotions, thoughts, actions, goals, challenges and aspirations, you are in a position to identify the changes that can make your life better. Now, ask yourself – Do I have the power to change my life? Accept and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and grab every opportunity that comes your way. Maintain a log book to check your progress at the end of each day and see if you are on the right path.  Being in a constant state of awareness is critical to your development and growth. It helps you identify the need for change. It helps you confront your fears and weaknesses and triggers you to overcome them. It helps you to take desirable actions that will lead you towards your dreams.

For, unless you are aware of where you are, how would you know where you want to reach

Footer, Peyush Bhatia