Beliefs Create Experiences


In this article, you will learn about beliefs create experiences.Do you feel like a failure and can see no way out of your misery? Are you struggling for financial success? Often people feel that they have no control over what is happening; that circumstances are guiding their way to success or failure. But, in true sense, what really counts is the story that you tell yourself about yourself. Your personal narrative alone has the power to define your life and its success
The law of belief, one of the most powerful laws of the universe states that ‘Whatever you believe about yourself with great intensity comes to reality’; which means, that if you believe strongly in your success, no matter what, you will be successful. If you know deep within that you would win in life, your belief shall transcend into actuality and you will experience success in career, relationships, health, finance, and beyond. Researchers suggest that your beliefs have the power to influence your behaviour, to transform the behaviourof those surrounding you, and to impact your health.

Everything that comes your way depends on how you feel,how you think or perceive a certain experience. If you believe that you were meant to be a looser, you will fail to see the opportunities that come your way and remain a looser. But if you strongly believe in your financial success, you will hunt for opportunities, work harder towards them and use the smallest of them as a stepping stone to success.

So, it is up to you. The choice is clearly yours. No other person or circumstance can change your life’s experiences.
It is extremely important for you to build a positive narrative about yourself. It is crucial to understand what is the current belief that you own, evaluate if it is progressive and can help you achieve what you want and then transform it into something very powerful, something that can do wonders and make you win.


Can you imagine – your personal narratives are formed as soon as the early years of your life and stored in your subconscious right since childhood. However, there are techniques to reprogram your childhood and change your story about yourselves. A life coach can help you do that and create a more powerful and positive narrative. If you are seriously looking for more out of life and want to create small but definitive action steps that can get you there, contact Peyush Bhatia . Peyush, a Certified Directive Communication Practitioner affiliated to the American School of Business Psychology, is a seasoned life coach who can help you change the equation for your life and find your true potential.

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