166 countries and still counting…

That is the current impact of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 on the world.
 True, it has affected the whole world.
 True, that we are taking precautions to save ourselves from it.

But the biggest truth is, that more than anything else, we are scared of it.

Scared how will it affect us and our loved ones. Scared of how will we and the economy recover
from it? Scared that will it ever get over? Scared, what if it never gets over?

But, will being scared really help? In this stressful time, it is important that we take precautions but
do not panic. It is important to not let the fear and anxiety take a toll on our immunity and lives.

What can you do to stop the panic?
Here are few important tips that will help you stay in control and ride over your fear during this
difficult time.

 Know your enemy
Before you can win any war, it is most important to know your enemy. Get every relevant
information on coronavirus and ways you can prevent it from spreading. Also remember
that anxiety can increase in absence of information and also when you have excess of
information. So, get your facts right but stop reading every article on it or being misled by
false information.

 What’s the impact on you?
Are you scared of the world getting affected by COVID-19? Or, about how is it going to affect
you and your family? Know its immediate impact on you. Evaluate the possible outcomes
and start preparing for it in every possible manner. Being prepared helps you to overcome
fear and handle the situation better if it actually occurs.

 Spend your energy wisely
We all have limited energy which we can either spend on being productive and doing
important things or on discussing about COVID-19 and aggravating our fear. The choice is

 Use this time productively
Today, all of us have more spare time than we ever had. This could be taken as an
opportunity to do everything that you never had the time for. Be with your family, play with
your kids, take a new online course, upgrade yourself, cook, sing, and live life.

 Breathe Deep & Meditate
This one is extremely important. Breathe deep and meditate. Pull a long breath in, release
and feel the calming effect that it has on your mind. Breathing exercises can help you glide
through this situation with much more ease.

 Boost your immunity

A better immunity can protect us against Coronavirus. Boost it by including tulsi, giloi,
ginger, spinach, turmeric, garlic, pumpkin, papaya, kiwi, and sunflower seeds in your daily
diet. Also, sleep well and rest adequately.

Friends, like every other problem, this too shall pass. But most important is how we react to it,
maintain our sanity and wisdom, and deal with it gracefully.