What is your money story?

Are you scared of never having enough money? Or feel that you don’t deserve wealth and abundance? Or deep down in your subconscious, you believe that money is not meant for you; moreover, money is nowhere in your destiny?

Your stories about money define your reality about it. This means that even if you are craving for abundance but do not believe in getting enough opportunities for wealth creation, you will never become wealthy. Your limiting beliefs will keep you stuck in a loop of not having enough money.

Let us explore how this works-

Early-years influence:
Limiting beliefs are often ingrained within your subconscious since your childhood years. Remember, when your father told you that money is limited and you should spend carefully or when your mother spoke about how money comes with great difficulties? These beliefs were unknowingly absorbed by you and later define your equation with money.

Self-fulfilling prophecies
Limiting beliefs can act like self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe you can’t be wealthy, you might subconsciously sabotage opportunities. (e.g., not negotiating a raise or not risking your current job for a better career opportunity)

Negative emotions
Limiting beliefs can give rise to negative emotions like shame, guilt, fear or anxiety, which demotivate you and prevent you from taking adequate actions to fulfil your financial goals. In my experience, breaking limiting beliefs about money is bit of an effort. However, once done, it can yield tremendous results and usher unlimited financial abundance into your life. I have helped hundreds of people who were struggling with their careers and making ends meet to create unfathomable money for themselves- simply by breaking their old beliefs and replacing them with new, more empowering ones.

5 ways to drop your limiting beliefs and manifest extraordinary wealth

Here is what they did and even you can do to change your money reality-

The first step is to go within and hear your own voice about money. What do you tell yourself about it? Do you think it is evil? Do you think that you simply can’t have it? Are your beliefs based on logic or fear? Are there more empowering ways to think about money? Try and understand where your money thoughts come from.

Examine your childhood
Most of your questions will be answered simply by thinking about your early years. Find out where your negative beliefs about money stemmed from. Who were the key influencers? Once you are aware of the origin of these thoughts, it become easier to change the negative patterns and create healthier, positive beliefs around money.

Change your money story
We keep playing our stories on a loop. For example, we keep telling ourselves that without enough money, we can’t succeed. Or that with our qualification, we can’t earn enough money. When repeated in our mind, these stories actual frame our reality. To change our reality about money, we must first reframe these stories. You can tell yourself- “This feels like the right time to create a financial plan” and “I have the resources and the drive to build a secure future ! & Repeating these will help you to have a more open, curious and positive approach towards life and money would naturally flow in.

Sort out your emotions
Are you in an emotional mess? Anxiety, fear, shame, guilt and other negative emotions can cloud our beliefs and judgements, influencing us and our money reality. Sorting out your emotions through
affirmations, mindfulness, meditation and other such practices can help you to make prudent financial decisions.

Take accountability
Nothing can happen if you just say and don’t act. To become wealthy, you must take accountability. Set SMART financial goals, concretize it by outlining strategies for budgeting, saving, and investing, and follow up thoroughly through alerts, calendar and reminders. Also, reward yourself generously each time you achieve a goal.