Think Carefully! Your Thoughts are Creating your reality


Rachel was a bright lady. Yet, she always thought a woman could not perform as well at work as her male peers. She thought about it day and night. With this thought, hard work seemed pointless to her. Eventually, she became less focussed at work and her performance dipped. She started making mistakes and was frequently summoned by her seniors for an explanation. “Alas, I am not meant to be as successful as them,” she thought as each failure reinforced her belief. And, with this, her focus and passion for work stooped down further. What if Rachel had thought otherwise? What if she believed that she was meant to do well and succeed? Could it change her story?

Use Thoughts to Create your Reality

How you think decides how you will feel, behave and react to external situations. In the above story, Rachel thought that she couldn’t succeed and drew a conclusion about her failure. This assumption influenced her behavior and she started putting lesser efforts at work which resulted in mistakes. Thus, when she was called for an explanation, it proved to be a piece of evidence for Rachel that she is meant to fail. Her thoughts were reinforced with solid proof. This further influenced her behavior at work.

Negative thoughts can force you to limit your potential. They create self-limiting beliefs and stop you from achieving what you are truly capable of. You might think that you cannot be good at relationships or running a business or playing music and it turns out to be true. This is because you never made an earnest attempt. You gave up before waging a war. And, because you never tried enough, when failure did hit you, you thought that you are not good enough. Your mistakes reinforced your belief further. But what you think might not always be true. There has to be a way to come out of this negative thinking spiral and explore your potential. The following section will help you with simple ways to develop an optimistic thinking regime.Regardign this relationship counselling in gurgaon are doing their work so well


How to Think Positively

Each of us is born to succeed. The only way to achieve it by thinking in that direction. So, how do you do it?

Attempt what holds you back

Challenge yourself in doing things that you believe that you cannot. If you are socially awkward, join a social club; if you are scared of doing a certain work, dive straight into it; or if you think that you are a bad parent, consider a vacation with your child. You will be surprised to see how doing these things can raise your self-confidence and pull you out from your self-limiting beliefs.

Negate your belief with a Proof

Look for the silver lining in the clouds. Pay attention to the pieces of evidence that do not support your thoughts and beliefs that you have developed about yourself. Praises at work, appreciation for your cooking skills, the attention you receive from your loved ones- it can be anything. Then, use these, to emerge out of negative thinking spiral and give your thoughts a U-turn.


Be in the Right Company

Always keep the company of people whom you can openly share your thoughts and apprehensions with. Knowing their views on your beliefs and following their suggestions can be a perfect way to overcome your assumptions about self.