It is time to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The festival of lights and togetherness; the occasion to cleanse our homes and our mind; and the period to move past our past prejudices and reflect back is here. Diwali is here!

As we indulge in get-togethers, shopping, gifting, lighting diyas and offering sweets to God and our loved ones, it would be nice to take out some time and take a closer look at the relevance of this festival and all its festivities. This Diwali, let us go beyond the folklore and search deep within our heart to cherish its learnings and significance.

The significance of diya

A home adorned with bright and sparkling diyas is one of the most beautiful sights on Diwali. ‘Diya’ in hindi means ‘to give’. This signifies that this age-old tradition of lighting oil lamps was not just about illuminating our homes but also about lighting up the world through the act of giving. On this occasion, let us stop expecting from others and practice giving. With every diya that you light, pledge to give love, respect and happiness to each and every person that you connect with. Give each one your total and unconditional acceptance. Just like a burning diya illuminates its surrounding space, you too can brighten up the lives of others by radiating positive feelings of love and respect. By doing this you can invoke a similar reaction amongst others and create a chain of giving.

The victory over Raavan

Does the victory of good over evil on Diwali inspire you to defeat the Raavan within you?

Search within your soul. Look deep inside and pull out the pent up feelings of ego, hatred, jealousy, anger, misconception, doubt and resentment. Get past your negative habits and behaviours and develop positive ones. Forgive and let go. Look back at your past mistakes and make peace with them. Open your heart to others. Sweeten our relationships and rekindle the flame of love, respect and acceptance. Celebrate the goodness within you and let the evil depart – not just from this earth and your home but also from your soul.

Settle your karmic scores

Entrepreneurs and various businesses across India observe Diwali an occasion to settle their financial accounts and start afresh. It is the festival of new beginnings, a perfect time to settle your karmic scores and cleanse your home, body, mind and soul. You can use it to let go of everything that is no longer relevant to nurture new thoughts, new talents and new behaviours. It is time to cherish the present and redefine your tomorrow.

A new destiny and life awaits you. This Diwali, be the light and spread the light!