Are you afraid of change? Trying hard to stay within your comfort zone? Stuck in your beliefs & ideologies? Or worried about letting go of your pride & identity as you evolve? Change is difficult. Our brain resists it. But change is also the only constant in life. It is imperative – to upgrade your life and create something better. Let me explain this through a story?

Long ago lived Phoenix, an enormous feathery bird with massive wings that shone as bright as the Sun. It ruled the sky with its strength and radiance and could lift giant elephants in its claws. After having lived for about 500 years, the Phoenix built is own funeral and burnt in its own fiery inferno to turn into ashes. Though, this was not the end of it. Moments later, it rose up from the ashes, to emerge stronger and more powerful than ever before. It had to undergo a massive change before it could evolve into a better version of itself. 

Like the Phoenix, we have to change with time. It is critical to help us grow as a person and be attuned to the present times. Nature also vouches for the need for a constant change. Think of coal, which undergoes massive changes in pressure to turn into a beautiful diamond. What if it resisted the change? Would it evolve into something so pristine?  You may ask why change? Because time is changing. People and situations around you are changing. The world is changing. And, unless you go with the flow, you will end up being miserable. It would be like holding on to your grandparents’ ideology when you are in reality 3 generations ahead of them. So, what should you do?


  • Assess your mindset 


Check if you are holding on to outdated beliefs…ones that are no longer relevant to the current scheme of things? If yes, it’s time that you gave it up. Holding on to them will do you no good. Move ahead and form new patterns. Patterns that will lead you to your life’s goals.


  • Change Your Physiology 


Physiology & psychology are closely related. One impacts the other. So, to change your mindset, bring changes in your physiology. Start running, exercising or indulge in some sports. When your body comes into motion, hormones & emotions also come into motion.  For this, Relationship counselling in Delhi are given their best services.


  • Self-Talk Yourself Into Change 


 Remind yourself every now & then that change happens. And it happens for good. And, that it is okay to change and transform yourself or a part of you into someone better. As you constantly think about this, you will stop resisting change and flow with it.


  • Plan Your Life’s Change 


It is better to take charge of the changes that will happen in your life rather than being forced to accept them as and when they happen. So, plan your changes. Look out for a better job while you still have a chance; plan your goals and change into whatever it takes to reach there; change certain aspects of your personality if your relationship is not working, etc. Think of a satellite – it needs to change its rocket every time it has to get into a new orbit. Change is its pre-requisite to unleash to its true potential. So, is it for you! Go for it!


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