Child Abuse

In this article, you will learn about the Child Abuse. “One in every two child in India is abused – emotionally, sexually or physically.”The numbers are frightening but what most people do not know is that the effect of child abuse lasts beyond childhood to the later years of life, sometimes till the end of the journey.Not to mention how acute the impact is.  Adults who have survived child abuse often complaint about disruptive lives, failed relationships, bad careers, emotional wreck, chronic depression, panic attacks, anxiety, social isolation, lack of trust, and so much more.
In midst of the emotional turmoil, many of them start to believe that whatever happened was their own mistake and they deserved it. Few others take shelter in defense mechanisms and enter a fugue state to overcome the trauma and its after-effects. Some may also retort to the same behaviour and abuse themselves, their spouse or children in later years of their lives. This can be stretched to another scale where the sufferer chooses an abusive spouse so that the abuse may continue throughout his/her life. So, next time you see a child sitting aloof in a park, falling grades in school, a wrecked marriage, a devastated person or an abuser; know that it can be blamed on child Abuse.
The surprising thing though is that many of them often fail to relate their current state of affairs and emotions to the abuse faced as a child. They are simply unaware of how their current behaviours and choices in life are affected by a significant incidence in the past. Creating awareness and helping the adult settle with the past is therefore the only way to treat the delayed impact of child abuse. It is important to remove the significance from those incidents and make the person believe that it was not his/her fault.
This issue can be resolved through consultation alone. The crucial steps are to interact with the person, get an insight to the childhood trauma and treat with personal care and customized psychotherapy. Peyush Bhatia, a trusted life coach and an expert on  psychotherapy has pulled many adult survivors from the consequences of a child abuse. She has helped people across all age groups, beliefs and races to come out of its vices. If you are gripped by it and can find no way out, contact her today.Regarding this Relationship counselling in Delhi will do a great job.