Common Reasons Why Long-Term Marriages End in Divorce


In this article, you will learn about Common Reasons why long term Marriage End in Divorce. Marriage is fantastic when it Works. You have a best friend, a lover, a partner in crime, what’s not to like? But things change and people change, and what they don’t tell you on the back of the cereal box is that sometimes you or your spouse change into people who can’t co-exist with each other anymore. Here below several reasons why long Term Marriages End in Divorce.



1. Infidelity


Infidelity, Peyush Bhatia

Infidelity is as old as marriage and it doesn’t mean how old a person becomes they yet have sexual needs. Mostly when intimacy becomes dried or lacking in a marriage, one spouse may look outside the marriage for the opportunity to explore the delights of something that has been missing…their sexuality. Betrayal may be the cause of divorce for a long-term marriage, but, in reality, infidelity is only a sign of a problem in the marriage. A symptom that finally demolishes the bond between husband and wife.

2. Wanting Something Better Out of Life


Wanting Something Better Out Of Life, Peyush Bhatia

We all develop with time. What someone requires out of life when they married at 25 may be changed once they hit fifty-five. It may sound cliché however, couples do grow disassociated. They become strangers or roommates who have limited in common. The excitement to feel an emotional bond with a life partner has motivated many to divorce their spouse later in life. Regarding this Depression Counselling in Gurgaon will do great work.



3. A Desire for Independence


A Desire For Independence, Peyush Bhatia


It’s normal for women who have been dependent on their spouse to long for independence as they age. Particularly if they go back to work after the children are out of the home. The more financially steady a woman becomes further it destabilizes a less-than-happy marriage. Being financially independent also means more belief in their ability to start over alone after a long-term marriage and find happiness.

4. There Is Less Stigma Attached to Divorce

There Is Less Stigma Attached To Divorce, Peyush Bhatia

Divorce is more usual and accepted than it was 30 or 40 years ago. Those who stayed married due to religious beliefs or, the worry of societal shunning are feeling free to leave a marriage. For instance, the Catholic Church is in a debate over lowering the cost and administrative burden of cancellations and participation by remarried Catholics in the Eucharist. When questioned about divorce, Pope Francis asked all Catholics to show compassion and kindness in all situations. When it gets to divorce, society and religious leaders have become more sophisticated, making divorce an obvious moral decision for some.


5. An Empty Nest

An Empty Nest, Peyush Bhatia

Some marriages are tied together by children. Once those children become adults and leave the home there is no reason to prevail in the marriage. When you are emotionally attached to each other by raising children, there is nothing left to direct those emotions on after that job is done. One or both spouses may go toward divorce and the hunt of a new partner or the freedom to do the things they couldn’t perform when raising children.


6. Retirement and Too Much Time Together


Retirement And Too Much Time Together, Peyush Bhatia

If a couple has paid decades focused on raising children and developing a career and home, they can find too much time contemporaneously after retirement the death knell to their marriage. They not only want to like each other, they better love each other or they will see themselves spending a lot of time in the company of someone they don’t want to be with after retirement. Except a couple is happy living parallel lives and arranging their own thing, on their own, retirement can be the ultimate tolling of a bell for a marriage.


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