We are what we believe and by just changing what we believe, we can change who we are. That is
the power of belief in our life.

What are beliefs?
Beliefs are emotions in our mind which makes us feel certain about something. You must have heard
people saying that “I am born to win” or “My luck never supports me”. In either case, it is a belief
that they have gathered unknowingly since childhood. This belief, whether positive or negative,
empowers or disempowers us to take actions in life and reach our goals. Beliefs shape our life and
are behind every decision that we make. They can destroy us or hep us live a better life.

In this article, we shall learn to uncover ways to interpret our beliefs and change them. But before
that, let us understand how are they created.

How are beliefs created?
Most often, our beliefs are created subconsciously and a result of our past experiences in life. They
are associated with our interpretation of the painful or pleasurable events in our life, in turn forming
negative or positive beliefs about a certain thing. If you have gone through difficult times, you might
likely end up forming a limiting belief about yourself which will continue to haunt you throughout
your life and stop you form taking actions towards a better and successful life. No matter, how much
good and success comes your way, these limiting beliefs that are wired deep inside, can always pull
you down and make you believe horrible things about yourself and the world around you.

How to break free of disempowering beliefs?
Breaking free of the old limiting beliefs and forming new empowering ones is the only way to live a
life that you always desired. It can give you the power to take suitable actions towards your goals.
So, how do we get there?

Assess your belief system
As we already mentioned, beliefs silently enter our subconscious and start taking shape right
since our childhood. That leaves us with no space to understand whether they are negative
or positive, unless we choose to evaluate them. The first step to create an empowering
belief system thus starts from assessing the current beliefs and understanding their tone.
Dig deeper than usual and think what do you really believe in? How are these beliefs
affecting your life? Do you have some self-limiting beliefs that stop you from taking action in
any area of your life? What are they? Identify them. Once you know these, it’s time to turn
around your negative beliefs and give more power to the positive ones.

Turn around your negative beliefs
Everything that we create in our life is a matter of choice. When we face a difficult situation,
then also we have a choice to respond to it in our own way. Past events or experiences and
our surroundings have no power to limit us. The only person who can decide for us is we ourselves. Today, we have the power and choice to break our old beliefs and patterns and recondition our mind with positive and empowering beliefs. We can let go of our fears and insecurities and embrace a new mental state where we believe in our capabilities and the
beauty of life. Once we can shift our mindset and create empowering beliefs, we will be able
to achieve anything, no matter what.

Here is a list of few empowering beliefs to get you started-
 Life is good
 I achieve anything I desire
 I leverage my strengths
 I recognize opportunities
 I try new things
 I am responsible
 I am confident
 I am good at everything I attempt
 People like me