In this article, you will about the Criticism. Once there was a young painter. He painted his first masterpiece and left it to be displayed on the street crossing along with a note. The note read that “This is my 1stmasterpiece. If you find something incorrect, please put a cross at that place.” In the evening, when he returned, the whole painting was filled with crosses. He was disheartened and went crying to his master. His master suggested him to create the same painting again and place it on the same crossing. This time the note read – “This is my 1st masterpiece. If you find something incorrect, please use the brushes and paint kept by the side to correct it.” The next day when the painter returned, not a single correction was made. He learnt his lesson- It is easy to criticize but difficult to improve.

No matter what we do, how we live- Criticism will find its way to us. We will always be judged for our failures. Someone will always criticize us for what we didn’t do right. Be it at home, workplace or a social gathering. So, what should be our take? Should we continue painting or leave it for the fear of failure?

Foremost, remember “To err is human.” It’s okay to fail. Failure is as much a part of life as success is. Unless you won’t fall down, getting up is impossible. Those criticizing you have also failed at some point or the other. Here, it ismost important to make out if the criticism is constructive or destructive? 

Constructive criticism is done by well-wishers in order to help you improve at what you did. “You can run faster’’, “This design can get better if you learn Photoshop.” These are examples of constructive Criticism. The tone tells you the truth without hurting you. Take it it well and you can improve and grow at work and as a person. Contrarily, destructive criticism is completely done to put you down and embarrass you. For ex: “You are just not meant for this”. While saying this, the person means no good he has no intentions to get better at what you did. If taken seriously, destructive criticism can harm you. Just leave it there. Don’t let it get within.
Okay, so by now we broadly know that:-
• no matter what you do, people will criticize,
• it’s alright to fail, and
• Two kinds of criticism exist.

Let me Share Strategies to Deal with Criticism. 

1) The moment you hear criticism and start criticizing yourself, it’s like self-sabotage. There is no escape. Never do that. Instead, operate from the space of self-compassion. Know that there is scope to improve and you can do better next time. As you do this, you will no longer be scared of Criticism.
2) Don’t take the criticism on yourself. The critic meant to blame your act and not you. As you learn to differentiate between the two, you will be able to take criticism more constructively and less personally.3) When does one fail? When he tries to do something new- Isn’t it? So, you failed because you jumped out of your comfort zone to try a new task. Not many dares to do that. Congratulate yourself. Growth starts where your comfort ends. You are one step ahead.4)  People will always see you in different lights. Each one will have their own perception about you. For someone you might be excellent. For another person you might be pathetic. Let these opinions not matter. People will always have something to say. Ignore it. Simply look straight and pursue your goal.Regarding this Relationship Counselling In Noida will do a great job.


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