How often do you put away a task to be done some other time? Something as small as tidying up
your cupboard or as big as taking a crucial business decision? How does it make you feel? Knowing
that you have a task undone is like carrying a burden all through its closure.

Clutter, whether physical or mental can weigh you down, make you feel irritable, emotionally
stressed and extremely exhausted. It also diminishes your productivity and can deplete your mental
state. Certainly, these side-effects do not make it a good thing to carry along. So, what is it that you
can do to declutter your physical space as well as mind? Here is a list of some easily doable ways to
ease your burden.

 Start with your physical space
Physical clutter might just start with a single pending task till it piles up into something that
starts bothering your mind. In short, physical clutter leads to mental clutter. So, a good way
to start decluttering your mind is by decluttering your physical space. Start small from a
corner in your room or an office drawer and try throwing or giving away all the unnecessary
papers and stuffs that you have piled up for so long. Your kitchen rack can also be an
excellent place to start from. As you tidy up your space, you will be surprised to experience a
unique sense of calm and satisfaction taking over your mind.

 Decide in time
There are times when we put off difficult decisions. We let them be just because we do not
know what to do with a certain thing or situation at that point. However, the thought never
truly leaves you and keeps stimulating your brain, forcing it work overtime. The result is
deep mental exhaustion and emotional stress. The best approach to this is to make decisions
in time however difficult they may seem and avoid the unnecessary pile-up on your brain.

 Be in the moment.
If you could analyse your thoughts, you would be surprised to find how rarely you indulge in
the present moment. Most of our mental space is consumed in crying over our past or
ruminating about the future. The key to let go off the mental clutter is to be in the current
moment. Enjoy what you have today. And, the best way to do that is by practising
mindfulness, being in gratitude and meditating often.
 Self-reflect
Reflecting upon your own thoughts, goals and actions will help you to maintain the desirable
perspective and keep clutter at bay. Write daily journal to reflect where are you heading.
Time and again remind yourself of the bigger picture and analyse if you are moving towards
your dreams or swaying away. Examine your thoughts and keep a check on your worries.
Know what is weighing you down and don’t let it gather dust.

Other ways like doing one task at a time, skipping unnecessary information, avoiding
excessive exposure to social media, setting a routine and many more can be effective ways
to declutter.