What do you consider yourself?

Most people I know consider themselves as physical beings in this spiritual world. Though, contrary
to this belief, the reality is just the opposite. We are spiritual beings in this physical Universe and
while being gripped by the physicality of this world, we have almost forgotten our spiritual nature.
A reason why our angels, the gentle and kind spiritual beings, keep reminding us of our origin
through signs and numbers.

What are Angel Numbers?
Have you come across a numeric pattern that keeps making its appearance every now and then? It
can be a single digit or many numbers woven in a sequence that you can spot repeatedly on your
laundry bill, license plate, phone number, a document or anything else. You can also see these
numbers in your dreams or while you are daydreaming; something that keeps coming back to you
and appears to be more than a co-incidence.

These are Angel Numbers. Ones that unlock the key to your crucial questions, give you warnings and
help you to realize your goals and ambitions. Angel Numbers have been very well documented, with
every number carrying a specific vibration of frequency and holding a distinct meaning. They are
signs from the Universe and meant to convey important messages, should you pay attention to

Decoding Angel Numbers
As I already mentioned, repeated sighting of angel numbers means that the Universe is trying to
communicate with you. Once you understand this, you shall naturally begin to observe them more
carefully. And, when you do this, the numbers will start making some sense to you.

They can be single digit numbers like 7 or 3 or appear in a sequence such as 0103, 111 or 6543, each
with a specific meaning. While some might be there to help you take a rough decision, others might
warn you to change the course of your life or push yourself out of a certain situation. Then, there are
others which simply assert that you are going on the right path and few others which can guide you
towards the love of your life or help you to achieve greater abundance.

With time and careful attention, you will be able to decode these signals and be able to use them to
fulfil the purpose of your life.

Other signs from the Universe
Well, the Universe is full of secretive signs. While Angel Numbers is a prominent one amongst them,
there are other signs like a flash of lightning, patterns in the clouds, a rainbow or rains, each of
which can communicate important things to you.

Whatever be the sign, the most important thing to know is that you are not alone. The angelic forces
and the entire Universe are always with you and cares for you, should you seek its guidance.
So, next time you get a signal, do dot ignore. Delve deeper and see if it holds the answers to your
most difficult questions.