What is your purpose of life?

This one question can leave many of you speechless.

But why?

Have you seriously not found out your true purpose? Or, you never tried to look for it?
Most of us have deliberately avoided this question all our lives. We never tried to look inside and
find the true reason for our being here and alive.
This is because, finding an answer would mean taking the responsibility of our life’s purpose and
jumping into action. It would mean being answerable to ourselves for what we have done so far or
will do to make it come true.

But it is essential that we understand that our lives do have a purpose- one that is aligned with the
ultimate purpose of the Divine. It can be anything, one or many – from travelling the world to
writing books or spreading humanity; our life’s purpose gives us a distinct sense of fulfilment that
nothing else can.

Though, as we navigate through our daily lives, lost in its constant chatter, we often lose touch with
this purpose. Just in case you too are lost and are unable to find your true purpose, these steps will
not just help you to find them but also fulfil them and live better.

How to find your life’s purpose?

 Admit it
The first step is to admit that your life has a purpose. That, you are here for a reason. Giving
yourself the permission to accept this fact will create a fire in your belly to explore more
about it.

 Explore it
Ask yourself these questions –
o What did I want yourself to be as I was growing up?
o If I had limited time to live, what would I definitely want to achieve?
o If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with my time?
o What make me very happy?
o What do I hate most about life?
o Who is my role model and why?
o What engrosses me so much that I loose track of time?
o What do I want to be remembered as?
o What am I grateful for?
The answers to these questions will point out to things that are most important to you and
help you move closer to your life’s purpose.

 Think from your heart

While your head can help you take the most rational decisions, happiness is where the heart
is. When you try to look for your life’s purpose from your heart, you naturally look for things
that evokes passion and joy and find a purpose that is worth living for.

 Embrace life as it comes
Purpose gives you a constant sense of fulfilment and achievement. When you live
purposefully, you live every single moment in absolute joy and give it your best, no matter
what it brings. This can only happen when you embrace life as it comes with all its risks,
challenges and newness, and stop resisting anything about it.
When you feel connected with every aspect of life and are in complete alignment with it,
your purpose gets fulfilled on its own.

 Cultivate gratitude
Researchers suggest that when we feel grateful for our blessings, we are able to observe
how others are working to making our lives better. In this way, we also tend to contribute to
the world beyond us and live a life of purpose. Cultivating gratitude is thus an excellent way
to live a purposeful life.

 Go inwards
Bring deep breathing and meditation into daily practice so that you are more conscious and
connected with your inner-self. This connection will help you to find answers to who you
are, what is your purpose and the actions that you should take to fulfil this purpose.
Find your purpose & live a meaningful and happier life. Start today!