The world has changed so much in the last two decades – internet is all over the place; people have
more followers on social media than acquaintances in real life; friendship is becoming virtual; joint
families are almost extinct; trust amongst people has reduced considerably; the fight for social
acceptance has gone up by many notches; confidence levels have hit rock-bottom; the rat-race is
more fierce and everybody is trying so very hard to fit in.
Amongst all this chaos, our children, the young adults are facing more challenges than ever before..

Young adults: Their world & challenges

Adolescence comes early today. A reason why children from the age group 10-18 years are now
called young adults. This is a time when children begin to discover who they really are, what they
want from life, and start developing their own mind, tastes, preferences and personalities. So many
changes, all at once, may feel very overwhelming and confusing to them.
Over and above that, these children are far more intelligent and consciously aware than we were a
generation ago. Coping up with their minds, demands and emotions can thus be quite a challenge.
The generation gap along with the changing hormones and physiology presents them with a
plethora of challenges. Here are some of the most critical and common problems that our children
are dealing with-
 Difficulty in expressing feelings
 Stressed relationship with parents & families
 Inability to understand & process physical & physiological changes
 Stress, depression & anxiety
 Struggle to fit-in to the society
 Low confidence & self-worth
 Loneliness & confusion
 Academic & peer pressure
 Substance abuse
 Internet addiction

Support young adults with a life coach

Our children are looking for support from someone who is unbiased and completely non-
judgemental about their ways, behaviours, lives and perspectives. In search for absolute acceptance,
their communication with parents naturally reduces and becomes stressed.

So, what can be done?
The need of the hour is to provide them with external support from a trusted but unbiased person –
a life coach. A life coach provides them with a safe, supportive space to talk about things that are
bothering them but they do not want to discuss with anyone else. They help them get answers to
the most seeked questions and build a structure for themselves and their lives.
 Future planning – A life coach can help steer your young adult towards the right direction.
This includes finding their course/career orientation, setting goals, monitoring the
milestones and motivating them to reach there.
 Bridge relationship gaps – A life coach can help your child see things from a different
perspective and develop a wider more open outlook towards relationships. This will
eventually help him build better bond with you, friends and peers.
 Implement healthy coping skills – Teenage can be very dangerous as the play of hormones
and emotions can easily turn the child towards the wrong direction, be it toxic relationships,
substance abuse or something else. A life coach can help you build positive & healthy coping
skills to override all such situations and act sensibly.

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