Our Universe is constant expanding. Though we cannot measure how big it is, we have been able to manage to measure the observable Universe which is about 93 billion light
years in diameter. Of this our galaxy is just one amongst a few hundred billion galaxies that we can see and our Sun is just one of the few hundred billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

Earth, therefore, is just like a grain of sand in this huge Universe. Imagine, if Earth is so insignificant in the entire cosmic arrangement, how much importance
do we, a tiny speck of dust on Earth, hold? We are mere stardust gazing at the grand tapestry of the Universe. Totally negligible. The irony however is that we often forget how insignificant we are. Our swelled up egos hardly ever let us ponder on our pettiness in comparison to this vast cosmos. All we can think and worry about is ourselves. This constant need to keep ourselves and our happiness above everything else, just because we think that we are supreme, often hurts others. But,now that I have reminded you of how inconsequential we are, it’s time that we step down from the pedestal and try to make our lives worthier.

Blessed to be born as humans
We are so lucky to be born as a human being. We could have been an animal, a plant, a bee or just another bird. But the Universe chose us to be born as humans, the only living being that has the power of reasoning and can use his intelligence to create wonders. Isn’t it so humbling to realize this? To make the most of this opportunity, the least that we can do is put our big egos to rest and bow down in gratitude. Being thankful is one of the first steps to make life better for ourselves and others. When we bow down, we accept the fact that something bigger and more powerful than us exists. Gratitude constantly reminds us that we are mere pawns in this game of chess and that there are greater powers at play.

Steps to make our live worthwhile
Being petty does not make you unworthy. I am repeating – realizing that you are a tiny speck of dust in the Universe doesn’t reduce your life’s worthiness. You still can make a huge
difference to this world. It just calls for a change in perspective.

Here are some things that I have learnt in my journey of making my life worthwhile and I hope that you will be able to gain from it-
 Most of us try very hard to change and control the people or situations around us. And we fail miserably. This is because the only thing that you can really control is
you. So, from this moment, try to control which side you are on- good or bad. Choose whether you want to live a life that makes others feel safe and happy or one that
torments them. Choose to be a better version of yourself and make a beautiful difference to people’s lives.

 Drop your ego. I know how difficult it can be to let go off all the self-importance and feeling that you are the chosen one and rightly entitled to receive all the goodness in
life. But, with the realization that you are not so big or important after all in this infinite Universe, letting go of your ego becomes easier. Consider this life as an opportunity to use your resources and privileges to help those in need. Let go off all the differences and embrace each other to create a better world.

 The most important lesson is that we must value being born as humans. We don’t know what we were before or what shall we be born next. But we do know that the
Universe has given us this precious opportunity and it must be valued. So stop crying and feeling disappointed about all that you are not or don’t have and start loving your
life for what it is.