Between 10 and 19 years, children go through the most difficult phase of their life. Umpteen
challenges like physical changes, hormonal changes, emotional upheaval, social pressures, parental;
expectations, school pressures etc create havoc in their lives. They experience a new range of
emotions but have no idea about how to deal with them. In the event they feel misunderstood and
struggle with low self-esteem and confidence issues. Worst even, their emotions prevent them from
discussing their issues and emotions openly with their biggest well-wishers- parents. Additionally,
absence of joint families, increasing use of internet, virtual-relationships, shallow value system and
raising expectations of parents are making growing up much more difficult for them than it was
about two decades ago.

Here are some of the most common challenges that teenagers go through-
 Mental issues like stress, anxiety, depression etc
 Low self-esteem & low confidence
 Bullying
 Substance abuse
 Internet addiction
 Early sex & pregnancy
 Cut-throat competition
 Rising expectation
 Inadequate support structure

As parents it is our responsibility to see that our teen is strong enough and does not succumb to
these pressures and challenges. We need to ensure them the right upbringing so that they embrace
correct beliefs and grow up to be resilient and responsible adults. Let us explore more about this in
the following sections.

What do parents expect?
Teenagers are confused and troubled beings.But that does not stop parents from expecting from
As parents, we expect our children to know the right from wrong, respect elders, take responsibility,
live with truth and integrity, make sound decisions, love themselves, be kind and sensitive and
become successful. We invariably want them to be the best versions of themselves.
But are we giving them what it needs to be all of these? What are we doing to give them a strong
foundation? Are we working in their mental conditioning? Do we understand what are they feeling
right now? Do we know if they are carrying any past baggages? How are we helping them to create a
belief system that will work for them? How are we helping them love and accept themselves?
In reality, do we even know how to help our teenagers? Stuck with our own conditioning and
baggages, are we equipped to help our children get rid of theirs?

Think about it!

Empower your teenager
Remember, all of us including our teenagers are a product of our mental conditioning and belief
system. Together they decide the course of our children’s life, relationship, happiness, contentment,
success and everything else.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could understand the ground rules of life at this stage? What if they
could master their mind, body and emotions to play them in their favour?
Finding answers to basic questions about themselves, beliefs, expectations, life’s purpose and
manifestation at this tender age can do wonders for them. Going within can help them to manage
their emotions, build beautiful relationships, excel at studies and career and heal from past fears and
traumas. It can also help them navigate though physical & physiological changes and become
confident and wonderful adults.

However helping your teenager learn all this can be difficult by yourself. Given the stressed parent-
child bond in most cases, they would prefer someone who could hear them out from a non-
judgemental space. Help them do all this is a safe and impartial environment. Let them become their
own beautiful self. Gift them the wonder of transforming into their best selves.

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