Strong beginnings are ideal. Having a strong finish is epic! – John R. Miles

2023 shall soon be gone and we are all set to step into a brand-new year. Don’t rush though! Before you take a giant leap into the year ahead, it would be nice to take a final look at 2023 and finish it strong.
Here are some effective tips to end this year on a high note and begin the next year even stronger.

How to end 2023 strong?

Switch the reflection mode ON

Go through the past year and review-
 What worked for you, what didn’t and why?
 Did you achieve your goals? What was the block? How can you overcome it next time?
 Reminiscence the learnings from both success and failures
 Shortlist the actions that made you successful so that you can replicate them the next year
 Make a note of your mistakes and resolve not to repeat them again
 Identify your triggers and know what keeps you motivated
 Feel free to ask for feedbacks from your peers, leaders, family and friends

Reviewing your year will help you to leverage your strengths and achieve bigger goals next year. It is also the best way to identify your weakness and become better prepared for forthcoming challenges.
Reflect on your relationships

Beautiful and broken relationships are the biggest source of our happiness and misery. Wouldn’t you agree?
So, to end the year strong, we must strengthen our relationships (at work and home). Here are a few things you can consider:-

 Start with having an open and honest communication with those you have people who matter.
 Drop the filters. Be yourself and accept people as they are.
 Apologize to those you need to. Only strong people have the courage to own up their mistakes and the will to change
 Appreciate people for all that they have done for you. A heartfelt thanks and warm smile can mend anything.

List down 15 best things that happened to you Start thinking. Some of these may have made up to your list-

All your triumphs- big and small, at work and at home
 The amazing vacations that you have been to
 Those little mountains of challenges that you have crossed
 When someone brought a smile on your face
 When you bumped into an old friend
 Or when you simply dropped your worries and became childlike

You will find more than enough reasons to be thankful for. Thank the Universe and people for all these moments and experiences, and sure enough, you will have more things to be grateful for.

A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things- Plato

Declutter your mind and space.
Decluttering is the best tool to let go of all that is no longer relevant and make space for new and better things. End your year by decluttering at many levels-
 The easiest one is to declutter your space. Make a list of things you no longer need and donate
 Declutter your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. If you have been putting off a difficult conversation with someone, the time to discuss it is now. Get over with it and start the new year on a stress-free note
 Declutter your life from people who no longer serve your purpose. Forgive those you need to and move ahead in peace
 Declutter your to-do list. Stop procrastinating, do what needs to be done and don’t put things up for tomorrow

Make 2023 stronger- Set new year goals

Now that you have settled 2023 strong, it’s time to enter 2024 with a BANG!!
 Identify your goals
 Know why you want to get there
 Plan how you will get there. Have the strategy, roadmap and milestones in place
 Hold yourself to account. Tell your goal to a friend/family and update them on the progress.

Find your why and you will find your way – John C. Maxwell

Wishing you a happy, jolly and beautiful year ahead!