Feeling Suicidal. Ways to Cope Up & Overcome the Pain


In this article, you will learn about feeling suicidal. Ways to cope up and overcome the pain. Are you feeling suicidal? I understand the overwhelming emotional pain that you are going through. But you are not alone. Some of the most famous and admired people have gone through this and recovered. You too can. All you need to understand is that it is temporary. You are feeling like this because your pain has exceeded your resources to cope up with it. It’s like more and more weight being put on your shoulders till you at last collapse. Feel relieved in knowing that it has nothing to do with your character. Nor your willpower. Nor does it make you weak or crazy. It’s just that you need two things – to find ways to reduce your pain and gather more resources to cope with it. The moment you can do these, this shall pass.


How Can I Feel Better

Connect with Loved Ones – There are always solutions out there but your intense emotional state is not allowing you to find them. It’s time that you let someone else in and ask for help. Connect with people who will simply listen to you and believe in you. Ones who will not judge you or pass comments. It can be a friend, family, therapist, counselor or anyone whom you can trust and find comfort in. Tell them in exact words about how you feel. If talking seems difficult, write it on a paper and hand it over to someone. The most important thing that you need right now is to have people, lots of them, that can add to your resources and help you get through this. For this, Relationship counseling in Gurgaon is providing the best services.

Give it Time to Heal 

Promise to keep a distance between your suicidal thoughts and suicidal action. Give yourself some time to heal. Tell yourself that you will not act in your feelings for the next 3 days or maybe a week. Keep your promise.

Create a Safety Net 

Safeguard yourself from acting on an impulse by putting sharp and dangerous things such as knife, razor, acid, phenyl, etc. away from your house. If that looks impossible, shift to a safer place. You may also consider handing over your pills to someone else who can give you one at a time to prevent you from overdosing.

Indulge in Happier Things 

Engage yourself in smaller things that make you feel happy. It might be anything – gardening, binge-watching, painting, etc.

Create a Schedule

Make a fixed schedule for yourself. Write it down and stick somewhere. Now, follow it each day, no matter what. Even on those days when you feel overly suicidal.

No matter the amount of pain that you are going through right now, remember that it is not the end. Your pain can be reduced, you can be treated and experience love, hope and joy again. However hopeless you might feel at the moment, life is still worth living. You have people, loads of them who still love you and need you. There are still many dreams to be fulfilled and desires to be lived. Think of them. Live for them.