Gratitude: A worthwhile attitude

How often have you thought “Oh! I don’t want to loose. Please God don’t make me loose”? Or maybe “I don’t want him to reject me”.
We just hate failures and want to be successful at every point in life. Isn’t it? But what are we actually doing? Are we not attracting more failure by thinking about failure? By focussing on things that we fear, we are actually asking for more of it. The law of attraction says that ‘we attract whatever we focus on.’ So why not focus on things we have and are thankful for so that we attract more of them and find more reasons to be thankful?
Gratitude, the ‘highest frequency’ emotion, has the power to bring you unmatched success. Take it this way- if you are thankful for everything that you have (the smallest of them), you attract more reasons to be thankful for. Being in gratitudesubconsciously weaves enormous opportunities and creates positive outcomes so that you always remain in gratitude. Since it pulls in more of what you have and want, the attitudeautomatically transpires into your success.
You might say “I have nothing to be thankful about.” If that is the case, let me tell you that when you woke up today, about 1,50,000 people did not rise-up. Be thankful that you did. Be grateful that you have two eye, four limbs and a brain that functions, as many do not have the same privilege. Say thank you to the person who cooks for you or to the watchman who guards your home every day and see the sparkle cross their eyes. I bet you will feel great too. A different kind of positivity crosses you when you are thankful and starts reflecting in your productivity and life.
Ever experienced an unsurpassable feeling of joy when someone appreciates you? Doesn’t that beautiful emotion get etched in heart forever? Does it not change your equation with the person? Gratitude can certainly help you bond stronger and create healthier relationships.
Showing gratitude even works during times when you think that nothing is going good and your life is a mess. Being thankful about whatever little you have helps you escape pessimism and instead look for new avenues to emerge as a winner. Gratitude awakens a hope for fresh possibilities and actually helps you see beyond failures, attracting more goodness in life.
Though gratitude is beautiful, practising it often in life, especially amid tough situations, can be best done with professional help. Peyush Bhatia is certified life coach and an expert in Quatum physics. As law of attraction practitioner she can guide you to live in gratitude and attract enormous success. Visit her at