In this article, you will learn about gratitude. Most of us complaint about what we don’t have – money, fame, property, progressive career, good social life…

What about things that we have? Pause for a moment and think.

Start counting your blessings and you will realize that there are numerous things to be thankful for.

And believe me, once you start being grateful and thank your stars for these things, you will attract more and more of it. Here lies the beauty of the ‘law of gratitude’.

This positive feeling of GRATITUDE, can bring you joy, happiness, wealth, name, fame, peace of mind and everything that you ever desired.

Gratitude i.e. thankfulness is a very easy, yet crucial step to the law of attraction. Simple thanks from the deepest core of our hearts can work wonders.

Scientifically, when you express gratitude which is an extremely positive emotion, you start emitting positive energy.

This gets reflected in your aura which at that moment echoes gratitude and turns into a powerful magnetic field.

This in turn attracts many more things to be grateful for. In simpler terms, when you become increasingly thankful, the universe presents more opportunities for you to be thankful about.

Vice versa, when you are unappreciative of whatever you have, you become a center for negative energy which starts reflecting in your aura.

This further attracts more problems and reason to be unhappy about.

We often hear people saying that they don’t have money; that they are struggling in a relationship; how they wish that do not fail in their next attempt; or can step out of this messy life.

Please note, that when they say all this, they are pointing out to the problems – ‘don’t have money’, struggling in relationship’, ‘do not fail next’ and ‘messy life.’

Their subconscious minds thus starts to focus on these problems and attract more and more of it.

This applies to all of us. If we leave our problems aside and start focusing on our blessings and thank God for it, we will be further blessed.

Many of you might think – ‘What blessings? My problems outnumber them.’ Do an exercise. Take a sheet and start writing both.

While your problems can be counted on fingertips, you will be surprised to see that your blessings are so huge that they can’t be captured in the sheet.

Most things that we take for granted – one more day to live, good health, functional limbs, family, children, respect, food, roof over head, clean clothes to wear – all these are your true blessings.

Be grateful about these blessings, celebrate them, thank the almighty that you are alive today and that you have one more day to create your own destiny.

Focus on success and share it with others and believe me my friends, it will bring you more success and joy.

Remember struggle ends where gratitude begins.