Happiness is in Your Hands


In this article, you will learn about happiness in your hands. Are you dependent on someone else to make you happy? Do you feel incomplete by yourself? Is that why you crave for love and care from others? Do criticism and negative vibes make you feel low? Or even worse, you radiate it back the moment you receive it? Is it really tough to turn around relationships? Or loving yourself looks like the most tedious task?

What if all this could change? If I told you that you can be happy without anybody’s help? That your love for yourself can be enough to complete you? That negative vibes can be transformed into positive ones? And a secret mantra can nurture relationships at their best?

The mixed sauce recipe for happiness that I am just about to reveal can do all of this. Shall we spell it out? Great! So, lets us first understand why do we value relationships so much? Why are they so important? Because they fill us with love, care, encouragement, compassion.

These feelings make us feel complete and happy. Isn’t it? But then the expectation game begins and when we don’t get enough from our relations, the whole thing turns bitter. Let me quote an example here.

Say, that you overheard one of your close cousins make an awful remark about you to someone else. Immediately, an undercurrent of negative energy flowed from her to you. As you know energy cannot be destroyed, you can either absorb, radiate or transmute it to other forms.



At this point, you can do three things:



• 1st- get hit by the negative vibes, absorb it and start feeling fierce or sad about it.

• 2nd- radiate it back by fighting with her and making unpleasant remarks, leaving both mood and relationship sore.

• 3RD – Walk up to her and have assertive communication standing in a space that he is having this experience because of

something I did. Can I do something because I am sure I must have hurt you in some way? Can we talk and try to fix it up?”
What do you think is the best option? Absorb, radiate or transmute the energy? What will give you and your cousin more happiness? Obviously, transmuting energy and converting the negative to positive.

Now, you will ask, how can I do it when her remark makes me feel so terrible?

Well, this can only happen when you stop depending on anyone else for your own happiness. The moment you realize that happiness comes from within you and not outside, you will not get affected by these negative reactions. Instead, you will find ways to make them positive. But again, how do you find happiness and fulfilment within? Very small and simple steps can help.

• Look for smallest reasons to be happy. Anything like the fact that you are alive, have food to eat, a bed to sleep…

• Meditate, read, write, do what you love to do most

• Need-feed yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to do it

• Work on yourself, be in a self- introspection mode and see what can improve• Practice compassion, always try to be in the other person’s shoes

• Transmute the negative energy to positive. For this, you can give compliments, stop expecting, appreciate people, acknowledge them and make them feel needed.

These practices shall fill you with immense love for self. So much so that it will overflow and start spreading to those around you. Once this happens, you will be happy, relationships will be at their best and you will experience ultimate fulfilment.

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