India has always been a land of spiritual awakened people, also known as the ‘enlightened’. These are people who have awakened to their life in a completely new sense. Those who can clearly see that there is more to being here than the life we were living. Clearly, they are at a higher level of consciousness.

Some experts explain that spiritual awakening is usually like a sudden transition, as if someone has suddenly switched on a light in our mind. In this sudden moment, your experience of life changes drastically. You are more aware and woke to life within and around you. The shift in you may nudge you to ask questions like “who am I” and “what am I here for?” Often, spiritually awakened people are guide by their internal call demanding them to correct their paths and tread on the journey of
their life’s purpose.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Does this resonate with you? Find out if you are already showing some signs of spiritual awakening.

1. Experiencing a sense of detachment
Spiritual awakening can leave you in splits as you discover another realm of existence and begin to experience the limitlessness of the Universe. It is like entering an altered reality where everything that was real before is suddenly no longer real and a completely new reality unfolds. This confusion may make you feel detached and uninterested in things and people that you used to enjoy earlier.

2. The need to find your purpose strengthens
You may find yourself drawn towards spirituality. The call to know the true purpose of your life deepens. Finding answers to questions like “who am I” and “why am I here” takes priority as you start seeking meaning and fulfilment along your life’s journey.

3. More empathy & intuition
You may be able to understand and connect with the feelings and emotions of others more easily. You will also feel more intuitive and in in tune with yourself. This may help you to easily differentiate between authentic people and manipulative ones, keeping the later one at bay.

4. More in sync with nature
Nature will seem to draw you towards itself. A beautiful flower, an animal, a flowing river or just a blade of grass would be able to absorb your attention. You will naturally feel more connected to plants and animals around you and feel how everything in the Universe is somehow interlinked.

5. You start living in the moment
It becomes easier for you to let go of the past hurt, guilt and resentment. You may no longer find yourself asking why things happened as they did and what if they would have happened differently. Your score with the past may seem to settle off on its own as you feel entirely involved in the present moment.

6. You want to feel purposeful
As you start experiencing the interconnectedness between you and everyone else, you would want to be of service to other people, plants, animals and the entire Universe. This may leave you wanting to do everything that you do with a deeper sense of commitment.

7. You see vivid dreams
As a new reality unfolds for you in actual life, you may also experience a shift in your dreams. Your dreams will become more vivid and may often relate to your journey of spiritual awakening.

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