Have you ever experienced an overpowering need for being heard and paid attention to? The feeling that tells you that none other is better than you, demanding the world to acknowledge your greatness? This is how ego feels!
Ego is the root cause to all our pain and sufferings. The desire to be supreme and be recognized by everyone can be disastrous. As ego forces you to prove yourself and exert supremacy on everyone around you, it snatches away your feeling of belongingness. Ego doesn’t let love exist. It shrinks your heart, ruins relationships and leads to hatred, jealousy and greed. It builds up a sense of heaviness in your heart and never allows you to sleep in peace. Ego always says ‘I want more’, no matter what you achieve.
This makes it clear- ego should be killed before it kills you! It is a must for us to transcend this nasty feeling and replace it with love, humility and kindness. Here are a few ways in which you can do it-
Adopt a learning mindset
Ego says’ I am the greatest and I know it all’. The best way to counter it is to adopt a beginner’s mindset and remind yourself about so many things that you do not know. You can do this by making a list of topics that you are unaware and start learning about them.
Be childlike
Have you seen children? They are never afraid of failures and rejections. They never plan anything and are absolutely spontaneous. Nurturing the ability to be spontaneous, make mistakes and accept your failure instead of fearing it leaves no space for ego.
Stay humble
Humility is an anecdote for ego. Reminding yourself of all the great people around you and the wonderful work that they have done will help you to stay grounded and keep pride at bay.
Act crazy
Ego is always looking for acceptance and appreciation from others. It wants you to look perfect, sound good and do things just as others expect them to be. Try doing the opposite one day. Don’t dress up as people expect you to, act crazy and do all that you always wanted to, without thinking about what others will think. Try doing it and watch your ego drop, almost instantly.
Be one with the Universe
Ego steps in when you think that nothing can match your greatness. But the Universe has many things that are much greater and far more complex than you – the mountains, sea, planets, and the Universe itself. Connecting with nature helps you to understand how small you are in comparison with the Universe and acts as a melting point for your ego.
To conclude, always remember that ego has taken many years to build up. Do not try to get rid of it overnight. Just follow the above practices consistently to bring it down slowly but steadily. For further understanding on how to overcome this devil, contact Life Coach Peyush Bhatia at ________.