Do you feel broken? Is your heart aching and tearing into pieces? Are you engulfed with a feeling of
ultimate sorrow and disappointment?
Though it may seem that the pain will never fade away, that is not the truth. You, in reality cannot
be broken. Your natural state is oneness and you are complete in every aspect of your being. What
you consider as broken, in reality, is a push that you required to help you rise to your full potential.
This state that you are in has happened for a reason.
Your life’s challenges are tailor-made to pave the way to a better tomorrow. All the disappointments
and heartbreaks are not for you to feel broken but to light up your path to transformation. Every
major life event like a divorce, rejection, losing a job or becoming a parent has happened for a
reason. They have came your way to help you evolve so that you can shed your older-self and move
forward with greater conviction and belief. The heartaches are here to awaken your consciousness
and lead you on the journey of recognizing and living like your true-self.
When you feel broken it might feel that life has fallen apart. But it doesn’t really fall apart. It is just
reconstructing itself keeping in mind the bigger picture. Currently, you might not understand how
and if the pieces with fall in place once again but they will, in time. And you will be amazed to see
the beautiful picture they recreate.
So, what can you do to feel better? How can you celebrate these events as stepping stones to your
growth instead of lamenting over them? Well, the answer is by thinking positive, treating yourself
kindly and keeping the hope alive.
Be compassionate to yourself
Mistakes are a part of life. You will certainly make some. But life cannot be lived by dwelling upon
them and living in guilt. Life is about moving forward to new opportunities and forgiving yourself for
old regrets. When you are compassionate towards yourself and open up your heart to the
phenomenon called life, you will be able to see the smallest details and how every circumstance
occurs just to help you rise, evolve and grow in your spiritual journey.
Love and accept yourself
You are not broken. You are perfect just as you are. So, why try fixing yourself? Why try losing some
extra pounds or behaving in a certain manner that others expect of you? You are complete. You are
God’s own miracle. Appreciate who you are along with your light and darkness. Let go of the
resistance and accept yourself and your circumstances just as is for peace and harmony to flow into
your life. When you accept yourself just as you are and let go of all the negative thoughts that you
held on to, you become capable of attaining your true essence.
You will emerge stronger from here
What happens when we fall ill? Our immune system takes over to hunt down the pathogens and
make us healthier. While we may look at an ailment as unnecessary, a situation that is here to make
us weaker, the reality is quite contrary. A disease helps our body to weed away the weaker cells and

make us stronger inside. Similarly, when you feel drowned in a sea of despair, know that it is here to
help you get stronger and evolve to your higher self.
Experience your emotions
We run away from emotions that make us feel weaker. But the solution is in experiencing them.
Remember, emotions are energy in motion. They are neither good nor bad but just here for us to
feel them. Once we experience an emotion, they move away and are replaced by another emotion.
If you run away from them, you stop them from transcending to another form and become a prey to
the suffering for a longer time. Just accept them, feel them and let them pass. Kindle the light of
hope to take you through them and you will be surprised to see how life will begin to flow once
Trust the process
Life has a plan for you. Things that are happening are happening for a reason. And the reason is your
growth and evolution. The Universe has each of us in mind and has crafted a personalized path for
each of us to grow. Trust its brilliance and surrender to it. Surrendering to the master plan will bring
you in peace and harmony with life and help it flow just as it was meant to be.

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