We live in a world where chasing material things have become synonymous with chasing success. Unfortunately, this has led many of us to heightened levels of stress and anxiety at workplace and is playing havoc with our physical and mental health.  With unattainable targets, stiff deadlines, peer pressure and cut-throat competition, many people are now craving for balance and harmony at work, as a result turning inwards towards spiritual well-being.

Spiritual well-being at workplace

Spiritual well-being at work is not about any religion. Neither is it about nurturing any belief. It is just about rising above the motivation that one derives simply through their paychecks and finding a deeper value and purpose to their work. It involves being compassionate towards each other, building an environment of unity and inclusion, creating a sense of higher purpose at work and conducting business in a meaningful way.

The benefits of spiritual well-being at workplace

As an individual, spiritual wellbeing at workplace helps you to beat all work-related stress and anxieties and neutralize your mind so that you can work and live from a space of absolute calmness. Additionally, being in alignment with a deeper meaning and purpose boosts your motivation and commitment at work. It controls the release of stress hormones, helps you focus better, deliver higher productivity and produce better outcomes. A relaxed mind also leads to a fitter body and aids overall wellbeing and a better quality of life.

From a corporate standpoint, it encourages employee retention, improves the productivity and performance of the company and maintains a healthy and positive environment at workplace.

Ways to cultivate spiritual wellness at workplace

Spiritual wellbeing stems from being aware about yourself and your surroundings. It is about knowing what you are feeling, acknowledging that emotion, knowing how to process it positively and develop a certain sense of control on how you respond to situations. Here are a few simple steps to practice spiritual well-being at work and lead a better, more fulfilled life.

  • Identify your purpose

To be happy at work, it is important that what you do is aligned with the bigger purpose in your life. For instance, if you love the environment and want to do something about protecting it, you should seek a role that takes you closer to your goal. Working in tandem with what you really want to achieve will keep you happy and content and will automatically drive spiritual wellness within you.

  • Travel inwards

In the hustle-bustle of life, we often forget to look within and examine our emotions and experiences. The simplest way to develop spiritual wellness is by conducting a daily self-introspection drill. With the help of a journal, notice how you are feeling, what really matters to you, what is your purpose, are you capable of connecting with your colleagues, what are the challenges that you are facing and how do you plan to overcome them. Just do this for yourself and notice the stress burning down.

  • Practice yoga & meditation

Closing your eyes for 15 minutes every day and meditating in a quite serene space can keep you centered and calm. Meditation has a soothing affect on your mind and has been used as one of the most powerful tool to relax, unwind and instill mental and spiritual wellbeing. Similarly, the benefits of yoga are known to all. It is a great way to boost your health and reduce your stress. These practices are also great in improving your focus, enhancing your performance and building deep bonds with your colleagues at work.

As an organization, you can promote spiritual well-being amongst your employees by linking your company’s vision to a greater sense of purpose that brings a positive change in the community or the world. By making sure that your people know about this goal, you can keep them motivated and deliver greater outcomes. You can also create a dedicated space for your employees to practice yoga and meditation and promote community building activities and self-awareness sessions. It is important that you act from a space of compassion and create a culture of diversity and inclusion where every person feels like a significant part of the bigger system and is willing to contribute to its growth and progress.

Encouraging spiritual wellness at workplace is one of the greatest stress busters for employees and a key reason behind their stellar performance. Know its importance and ways to promote it within your organization. Click now!