Independence Day is not just a celebration of India’s freedom but also a reminder for all of us to introspect if we are really free – free from competition; free from jealousy; free from guilt; free from shame; free from hatred; and free from our own thoughts & stories.
Aren’t most of us a prisoner to our own thoughts, no matter whether they serve us or not. We form a perception and then the perception forms us. Freedom to me is –
• When we can break free of this rigid perception and choose to see things differently.
• When instead of letting that hate, resentment and anger build within us and burn us, we can choose to forgive, forget and let go.
• When rather than being a victim of circumstances we can see the world in a different light and create our own happy space.
• When we choose to exchange our old beliefs and experiences with new more progressive ones.
• When we accept & learn from our mistakes instead of feeling ashamed of them.
• When instead of hiding our imperfections we can love and embrace ourselves just as we are.
• When we can live in the moment and celebrate it as our last.
This is what freedom means to me and on this auspicious day I hope that you find your very own meaning of freedom too.