Read these words-

  • Sea
  • Fire
  • Mountains
  • Roller Coaster


What did you imagine? Did reading invoke a response within you?

Such is the power of words. The words that you speak and the meaning that you attach to them define your perception about the world and shapes up your behaviour, action and reaction. Words directly impacts what you manifest and influences every aspect of your life.

In short, the words that you think, feel, hear, read and speak create your reality.

They can both pave the way to your intense development or self-destruction. Negative words lead to negative outcomes. Positive words lead to positive outcomes.

The holographic dimension of life

We all are pure energy beings vibrating at our own distinct and distinguishable frequencies.  As per Quantum Physics the whole Universe is nothing but energy at different states of vibration. We live in a holographic Universe. Matter in reality does not exist and everything that we see in this world is only energy vibrating at infinite variations and shaping up as infinite creations.

To sum it up, life is nothing but a constant flow of energy. And if we can be consciously aware of the energy flowing within us, based on the emotions we feel, we can actually make the right choices and manoeuvre every aspect of our life to manifest all that we desire. So, if we are feeling dull and low at a certain point, being aware of the energy flow and choosing to vibrate at a higher frequency will uplift our mood and help us feel great and energetic.

Words have a very important role to play here. The words that we surround ourselves with and the narrative we make will decide the frequency of our vibration and thus the quality of our life. Try being around with optimistic high-performing people and see how you are charged up with high bouts of energy. Now switch to a pessimistic group of teammates and see how they pull you down and make you feel pathetic about everything. So, choose positive words and people who constantly lift your energy.

The Universe is made up of energy

As I just said, we are nothing but pure energy beings and how we manage our energy will decide the course of our life. Here are a few real-life experiments that will strengthen my point that everything in this Universe is made up of energy, including rice and water-

  • Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who performed some very powerful experiments on how energy had a very powerful impact on water. Pure water, when frozen, forms beautiful hexagonal snowflake like crystals unlike water filled with impurities that do not form crystals in a frozen form. Dr. Emoto took some pure water and constantly exposed it to negative words and phrases. When examined after a day, it formed clumps instead of beautiful crystals when frozen. Similarly, he took some impure water and exposed it to powerful positive statements for a day. At the end of the day the impure water crystallized to form snowflake like crystals. This proved that positive and negative words are energy that actually vibrate at different frequencies and can change the physical appearance of an object
  • In another experiment, Dr. Emoto placed freshly cooked white rice in two jars. He labelled one as ‘you fool’ and the other with ‘thank you’. He placed the two jars in a lab and asked the students to utter the words to the respective jars twice a day. After 30 days, the rice in the jar that was labelled as ‘you fool’ turned into a black gelatinous mass while the other jar with a ‘thank you’ label contained fresh, fluffy white rice in it.

Channelize your words to empower yourself


Now, we know that everything in this Universe is energy and that our words, thoughts and emotions have a very powerful impact on this energy. So, here are a few things that you can do to make words and thoughts work in your favour and create a positive and rejuvenating energy-field around you-

  • Mind your words – Many a times we curse under our breath or repeat some stupid things about ourselves out of habit. We might say –“I do not look good”; “I am so silly” and so on. Now that we know how quickly these words affect us, train your mind to choose them carefully instead of speaking them compulsively.
  • The power of repetition – What we see, hear or speak repeatedly gets registered in our subconscious mind. Just like we know our colours so well because we must have repeated them a thousand times over. So, make it a point to repeat good positive words and phrases and register them into your subconscious. Make them a part of your lifestyle. Read positive quotes, repeat positive affirmations everyday and surround yourself with high-energy optimistic people.
  • Stop criticising yourself – We are our worst critic. But that does more harm than good. As we criticise ourselves, we enter a loop of low-frequency negative vibration. We can change this by trying to be more kind and compassionate to ourselves. Give yourself a part on your back when you do something good and be generous enough to give yourself a second chance when you do not.
  • Speak well about others – Speaking ill about others makes your own body go through the same negative vibrations that you intend to pass on and makes it a receptor for low energy and diseases.
  • Make a big deal about your achievements – You have done something good. Yay! Don’t shove your achievements in a corner. Keep the positivity flowing and affecting you in great ways.



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