Judgment & Gossips: Your Worst Enemy


In this article, you will learn about Judgement & Gossips: Your Worst Enemy. How often have you judged others at first sight? Without even knowing them or finding their part of the story? Or, just because someone told you something about them that did not go too well with your beliefs.

Let’s admit – we all have been judgmental and indulged in gossips sometime or the other. After all, it is so easy to point our fingers at others and throw stones at them. Making assumptions about them and judging them based on these preconceived perceptions is perhaps the easiest thing to do. Especially when the other person seems to hold different values and beliefs. How can you not judge a person who is different from you? Aww, that is so ridiculous! Also, it is so much fun to gossip about them and twists the facts so brutally that they couldn’t get more far-fetched from reality than you possibly made them look. On the flip side, if you give it some time and a sincere attempt, you will be surprised to notice the person’s positive attributes and things that you admire.

It is important to understand that being judgemental is never about them (the other person). It is always about you and reflects the way you think. You judge others due to your own weaknesses, incompetency, and insecurities. For instance, if you meet a friend who has done very well in life and enjoys enormous financial success, you might think that she must have climbed the ladder with the help of some influential source. Judging her helps you to deal with your insecurity and the incompetence of not being able to make it there. Or, you might pass a judgmental remark on a relative who, as per you, does not know how to cook well (based on your limited taste and knowledge for cooking) just to enhance your self-esteem and prove your cooking prowess.

As we all know, what we focus on grows. So, when we focus on judging someone, the distance between you and the other person grows. You start separating the person from yourself and create barriers in between which starts affecting your relationships. Instead, why not be like nature that never judges anyone. An apple tree never questions another tree for the fruit it is bearing. It stands tall and glorious and at the same time respectful about the bushes and shrubs surrounding it. Then why should we compare ourselves with others and assume one to be small and perfect while the other big or imperfect? Wouldn’t it be best to accept the uniqueness of every individual and appreciate it.Regardign this depression counselling in gurgaon are doing their work so well


How to Avoid Judgements


Foremost, believe that every person is beautiful at his core and has numerous good things about him provided that you choose to see it. Judgment is only an assumption. To win over it, all you need to do is see people as they are and not from the window of pre-conceived notions. Give them a fair chance without bringing their past into the equation.


Keep a constant watch on your thoughts. Pay attention to the instances when you are judging others, take a moment and set the thought aside, allowing room for new and more positive thoughts.


Treat others as you would like to be treated. Just like you, people to don’t like to be judged and gossiped about. Empty the stones of judgment from your pocket, appreciate the good in others and live a life that is lighter and happier.


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