“My life is a mess. It is all my karma!”

How often do you blame your karma for your fate? We have always been told that Karma is our fate.
Good happen to those with good karma and terrible things occur to people who performed bad

But it not like that.

Karma is not ‘fate’ but ‘action’. It is not something to fall victim to. But, it certainly can prove to be
our most trusted Guru on whom we can depend upon for precious lessons of our lives.

What is Karma?
Karma, as we already said, is action. It is the thoughts, emotions and actions that we consciously
perform in every moment. It is like a seed that we plant every passing second of our life to be
harvested later when they ripe. In effect, it means that every karma that we perform will bear a
similar consequence when the time is right. It sums up that as spiritual beings, we are responsible
for the thoughts and actions we create and allow to occur.

But, that does not mean that karma is set in stone and cannot be controlled?
No! By changing our intentional actions today, we can change our future. By taking the teachings of
Karma in our stride, we can convert it into an excellent tool for personal development.
Types of Karma

Karma is etched into our memory and passes on from one lifetime to another. It is like a software
embedded into our core system which stores every action of ours since creation first happened. To
make it easy to understand, Karma can be broken into the following:-

Sanchita Karma: This represents the karmic memory of entire lifetimes which is stored
within our system and can only be reached out to with a certain level of consciousness.
Prarabdha Karma: Nature allocates us a fraction of the memory from Sanchita Karma which
we are ready to handle within this body and lifetime. This becomes the basis of everything
that we experience in our present.
Kriyamana: This is the karma that we are creating now and which will impact us in our

Learn to balance your karma

Karma is every choice of thought and action that is made on intention. In a garden of seeds, if you
choose to water the wrong seeds, you will reap a bad harvest. But, if you consciously choose to
avoid the bad seeds, however tempting them may seem, and only water the good ones, you will see
them ripe and blossom.
Depending upon the karmic energy that you decide to emit, you can balance your karmic account.
Something as simple as trying to reconcile and wish good things for a person you dislike can do
wonders. Things like waking up at 5 in the morning instead of 8 can also break your karmic cycle
since you consciously did a thing which was against your nature. Just by living with mindfulness and making small and intentional changes in our daily lives can help you to change your karmic account
and transform your present and the future for better.