Today, while the world is struggling with emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, foul moods,
etc., something as simple as a hearty laughter can help people to overcome them and enjoy a better
life. Even better, a research performed on college students proves that laughing can boost your
immunoglobin (antibodies that strengthen the immune system) and improve your immunity by
several notches.

In this article, we will list down some scientific facts and key reasons because of which laughter has
often been referred as the best medicine and explain why is it a good practice in times like now.

 Laughter therapy
Ever heard of laughter therapy? It has been around for many years and been effectively used by
many people to keep their blood pressure in control and relieve stress. The therapy involves
laughing out aloud repetitively in a group for about a minute or so along with other activities like
stretching, yoga and deep breathing. A study led by Mr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga
School, shows that doing this helped the participants notice a reduction in their diastolic and systolic
blood pressure by several points when compared to the non-participants.

 Enables mood improvement
Depressed or can’t sleep well? Laughing aloud just like that, singing funny songs or watching
humorous show can be a good way to beat the blues. As per various studies done on diverse
subjects, laughter has proved to work well as a great anti-depressant and push people
towards optimism and better sleep.

 The best workout
How about skipping all the workout and laughing your heart out instead? Yes, the health
benefits of laughter is comparable to that of a proper workout. A good laughter makes you
breathe deeper, increases your heart rate, strengthens your blood vessels, increases the
blood flow, pumps more oxygen into your heart and boosts your cardiovascular system.

 The feel-good laughter
Try laughing without any reason and you will automatically start feeling good in sometime.
This is because laughter reduces the stress hormones and releases endorphins, the feel-
good hormones, into your body. A feeling of overall well-being naturally follows.

 Improve your relationships
Has staying day and night with your family compelled you to disagree and fight more often?
Try sharing a good laugh with them and you will be surprised to see how the anger,
disagreement and frustration evaporates. Laughter helps you to move on from the current
problem and put resentment and bitterness behind your back.

 The true pain-killer
Numerous studies and researches done by many scientists and researchers have shown that
laughing in groups, also known as social laughter, can reduce your pain by alleviating your tolerance for it. You may consider watching a funny video with your family or join the laughter club to try this out.

Laughter has been known to improve our inner strength and help us to be in a better state of mind
for elongated periods of time. So, one, two, three and start laughing!