Oh, how we hate breakdowns! The pain that comes with it…

Wish we could run away from it and hide in some corner. Get away from it. And wait for it to lessen its impact.

But, the pain refuses to leave.

It pushes us hard. Very hard. Until, we are forced to face it and peep through it to the other side. The brighter side. The place where something better awaits us.

And, as we are done lamenting and playing a victim to the breakdown, we see a new breakthrough.

Breakdowns always lead to a breakthrough.

If you have ever had breakdown in the past, you must be able to understand this. It can be a breakdown in your career, relationship, health or any other aspect of your life. Just look back and see what came through it. You will always find that with every breakdown in your life, you learnt something new, hit a new opportunity and became a better person.

Breakdowns are good

Like chaos always leads to creation, a breakdown always makes place for something bigger and better in our lives. It leaves an empty space in our life that allows us to reflect on our past and open our mind to a newer possibility. It gives us time to think where do we really want to go from here. By crumbling our old thoughts and way of life, it allows something new to take shape.

A breakdown is your best teacher

What happens when you breakdown is quite similar to what happens when to a child when he learns to walk. Both fall down many times, get hurt, suffer the pain and then try again. Both are pushed to break out of the comfort zone and reach out for something bigger. Every fall usher both to try harder until you finally make a breakthrough and take your first step into the new horizon. And, from here, starts your saga of tremendous learning and infinite growth.

The best practices to process a breakdown

  • Be optimistic – Every time you counter a breakdown, know that it is here for a reason. It is an indication for things to change for your own good. Understand that it is helping you to move out from a path that is not right for you and taking you where you should actually be. If it would not be for a breakdown, you would stagnate and stop growing.
  • Maintain a healthy routine – Keep your physical, mental and spiritual health in a perfect harmony. Exercising and meditating can help you in processing the pain and seeing through it.

Next time, you suffer a breakdown, do not forget to see it as your next breakthrough.