Life Coach And Steps To Become A Life Coach

This article is all about life coach and steps to become a life coach. Life coaching is a profession in which a person that is a life coach paves the way, for that person who is facing various problems in his life by setting both personal and professional goals, that the person wants to achieve in his life.

In life coaching the life coach provides counselling, mentoring, therapy, consulting or advice through various classes or activities, which is provided to the client over a period of time.

A life coaching is not just simply hearing the clients problems and providing them with an advice it involves various other activities and they are:

  • Complying with ethical guidelines and professional standards.• Building trust and intimacy with the client
  • Direct communication
  • Coaching presence
  • Powerful questioning
  • Active listening
  • Creating awareness
  • Planning and setting goal

These are all the skills that a life coach needs while coaching his client.

A life coach should possess all these above-mentioned skills for a successful life coaching and thereby help his client to attain a peaceful life.

There are also various steps that should be followed in order to become a professional life coach.

Steps to Become a Professional Life Coach

1.Conducting Research

Conducting Research, Peyush Bhatia

The very first step in becoming a life coach is that a life coach should first carry out a research on the training programs.

You can begin this research from the website of ICF itself.

Here we can select the type of coaching according to our interest, whether it is a distant coaching or in-person coaching, in what language the coaching should be given and many more things.

We will be able to find the training centers in our areas by just Googling it.

Currently, there are more than 150 ICF accredited training centers all over the world.

2.Selecting The Field of Interest

Life Coach And Steps To Become A Life Coach 2, Peyush Bhatia

While doing the research and receiving training to become a life coach, there are certainly other things that should be done.

The person also needs to select the field of interest that is the specific area of interest in which he or she wishes to provide coaching to the client in the future.

After finding such a field, they should expertise themselves in that field.

3.Financial Preparations

Financial Preparation, Peyush Bhatia

One of the main things to be considered while becoming a life coach is finance.

A person who wishes to be a life coach must have enough money for attending various training and to invest in that specific field.

The cost of attending specific training is usually high.


Planning, Peyush Bhatia

Planning is the next step that is to be carried out after all these steps.

The person should plan the name for his future business and set the mission, vision, revenue and other goals for the business.

The future life coach should also start a blog and should become an active person in social media and carry out many more other things.

This is how a life coach is molded up. A life coach helps us in the various difficult situation in our life.

So whenever you feel the need of consulting a life coach visit Peyush Bhatia.

She is a professional life coach who can find an answer to your problems and lead a Happy Life for you.

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